2021-07-01 Minutes of Committee Meeting


Incorporated 2015 (Vic) Cert No. A0091002P ABN 36 359 421 929 

PO Box 1400, Albury NSW 2640 www.AWMEC.com.au 

Committee Meeting – Albury Wodonga Motorcycle Enthusiasts Club (Inc) Date 01 July 2021


  • Attendees.

Sam Trabant, Phil Stuckey, David Lutton, Glenn Kimpton, George Stahl and Michael Sarroff (present as Web Manager/Editor)

  • Apologies 

Paul Bullock, Michael Yerbury

  • Previous Minutes 6/5/21. Read by Sam
  • Business arising from previous minutes.

Business arising from the previous minutes are agenda items for this meeting.

  • Endorsement of Vice President to fill casual vacancy – (Michael Sarroff left the room for this item)

Neil Hillas and Michael Sarroff have put their hands up for the position of Club Vice President. After some discussion the Committee voted to endorse Michael Sarroff as Vice President. The Committee expressed their appreciation to Neil & Michael for offering to take on the role and congratulated Michael on his appointment.

  • Review and ratification of the Clubs new Policy Document (as attached) for presentation to members for acceptance

Discussed the policy document which had been circulated. George raised concerns on the policy of non-motorcycle vehicles being registered through the club c) only one non-motorcycle being allowed. George would like it to be changed to two. 

Also discussed the issue which is not in the policy document of members without access to the web requiring hardcopies to be sent out in that we have no policy on how we manage the mailing distribution – which documents and costs. After discussion and cross reference to Rule 3. Clause 2) in the Club Rules, it was decided to leave this out of Club Policy at this stage as the Committee does not currently have any formal request from any member for information to mailed however it was noted that there is considerable cost in mailing and time to do this should it be requested so the Committee would consider a levy on membership fees for members requiring hard copies in future, to cover the additional costs.    

Committee members were happy with all other clauses of the proposed policy document; it was agreed that we further explore the club plate for non-motorcycle policy before formalising the policy documents.

As we were going to run out of time for this meeting (RSL closes at 7pm) it was suggested that the Committee meet before next general meeting (possibly by Zoom) to vote on the Club Policy document to then be put to members at the next general meeting.

  • Ratification of Club Rules document (attached) – no changes to rules, just update of the document to remove redundant sections.

David Lutton proposed that we amend the wording of the rule relating to age eligibility of vehicles under the VicRoads system to allow for any of the changes VicRoads may make (ie from 25 to 30 years). Phil to amend Section 4., clause 5) a. of the revised document accordingly – sec. Michael Sarroff – Carried

Phil Stuckey proposed that we accept the updated rules document which removes redundant rules clauses and leads to the renumbering of some sections – Sec Michael Sarroff – Carried.

  • Confirmation of the meal voucher plan as proposed by Michael Sarroff (attached)


  • The Club offers 4 x $20 meal vouchers to be used at the RSL on AWMEC Club general meeting nights
  • Two of these vouchers are to be distributed through the Club raffle on the night & the other two by random selection of a number by entry in the members attendance register (ie count the number of members in the register for that meeting & randomly select two numbers from the total number)
  • In addition to the four vouchers above, a meal voucher will also be offered to a guest speaker/bike presenter/s for the night provided they are Club members
  • Vouchers will have a two-month (or two meeting) life & will expire if not used within the next two Club general meetings
  • Meal vouchers will be numbered & also dated with expiry date when issued and will be managed by the Treasurer who will also keep a register of vouchers issued & redeemed (& to whom). The Treasurer will collect redeemed vouchers from the RSL at the end meals & pay the RSL on the night.
  • It is proposed that this system will be run for a period of 6 months after which time the Committee will assess its effectiveness in increasing the number of meals consumed at the RSL by AWMEC members on meeting nights.

Moved that this proposal be put to members at the next meeting; by Michael Sarroff –  Seconded David Lutton                Carried

  • Membership Officers update on last years members not attending, has this been finalised? (Glenn)

Glenn reported that all members that joined the Club last year during the period of no meetings (due to Covid) had either attended a meeting or club event since joining or have not renewed their membership this year (2021).

  • General Business

The Ride Committee have requested that the Club subsidise the cost of the cruise and BBQ on the Paradise Queen at Yarrawonga, the trip has been moved up to July 25. Cost $30ph (including cruise & BQ) – Proposed that the club either subsidise or pay for members to attend.

Glenn Kimpton moved that the club cover the $30ph for Yarrawonga cruise for members only  – Seconded George Stahl – Carried

  • Meeting closed at 7.05pm – next Meeting TBA