2021-11-23 Meeting Presentations

2021-11-23 Meeting Presentation

If you missed your last meeting, this is what you missed.

We had two great presentations by our members. Roger McGregor and Peter Leddin.

Roger McGregor presented & discussed three products that he has found useful in restoration work – Penetrol rust treatment; Glyptal engine paint & sealer for painting internals of castings etc; Electroless Nickel is a spray on nickel coating not requiring electrolysis.


Peter Leddin displayed his Raleigh 500 rebuilt with the help of a number of club members over 17 years – the finished bike is a great tribute to Peter & those who assisted.


If you have a subject of interest you can present to us, we would love to hear from you.

Members wishing to present a project bike or guest speaker at a club meeting should contact Kelly Coutts-Smith (0458 179 411) to arrange a presentation time. Text is the best way to contact Kelly as she is not always able to take phone calls during the day due to work. Email is also ok – Kelly’s email is kcoutts-smith@hotmail.com