Incorporated 2015 (Vic) Cert No. A0091002P ABN 36 359 421 929 

PO Box 1400, Albury NSW 2640 www.AWMEC.com.au 


MEETING HELD MARCH 22nd 2022 at 8.35pm 

VENUE: German Austrian Australian Club – 5 McFarland Road, Wodonga 

  1. ATTENDANCE & APOLOGIES (only members financial prior to the date of the AGM are eligible to vote or hold  Committee positions) 

Apologies: Raff Gangi, Mark Lennon, Kelly Coutts-Smith, Allan Wilson, Chris Brosolo, Peter Leddin, John  McInnes, Wayne Penny, Troy Shipard, Steve Millich, Glenn Withers, Peter Mayne 

Attendees 55 members: Phil Stuckey, Sandy Van de Stadt, Clint Van de Stadt, Mike Yerbury, Adam  Greenwood, Michael Sarroff, Glenn Kimpton, William Frew, Craig Williams, Mark Clifford, Roger McGregor,  Neil Dickinson, John Kirkby, Dave Sinclair, Tony Ryan, Ross Edwards, Bryan Sanders, Graeme Male, Evelyn  Male, Terry Gay, Rochelle Sanders, Ray Hinde, Dan McLean, Stewie McLean, Peter Keamy, Karl Hibbett, Peter  McDonald, Mick Johnston, Neil Hillas, Sam Trabant, Paul Adams, Donald Hemann, Tod Myors, Maugan  Redden, Doug Cowley, Doug Flack, Fred King, Garry Enever, Russell Gale, Ellsworth Vonthien, Peter Coulston,  Elsie Romey, Dick Bates, Rick Del Monte, Kevin Corneliusen, David Lutton, Allan Purcell, David Lockley, Don  Stewart, Malcom Godde, Michael Golden, Paul Bullock, Kevin Hammond, Ben Shek-Townsend, Dereck  Csorba. 

Visitors 5: Don Plunkett, Kristina Greenwood, Michelle Sinclair, Mitchell Ryan, S. Scilly 

  1. CONFIRMATION OF 2021 AGM MINUTES – these were read and moved by Sam Trabant, Seconded Glenn  Kimpton and carried. 
  2. REPORTS TO MEMBERS for 2021 year activities of AWMEC 
  3. Presidents Report presented by Phil Stuckey, President – 


2021 was again defined by Covid 19, with meetings rides and activities being restricted for almost half the  year. Our Bikes & Blues day and annual Butterball Rally again fell victim to Covid restrictions as they had in  2020. We were however able to hold general meetings from January to June then not until November, were  able to have Club Rides for more than half the year (border Covid anomalies making it interesting at times),  were able to hold a very successful Club Christmas Party, developed & introduced new Club Policies and our  Club continued & remained strong throughout the two past years of Covid turmoil.  

During this time a number of our members have been taking the opportunity to spend more time on their  projects and we hope to continue seeing the fruits of their labour on rides or show & tell over the coming  year. Whilst we look forward to 2022 returning to more normal activities, it should be noted that the Covid  pandemic isn’t done yet & we would be wise to make the most of our opportunities while we can incase  Covid throws us yet another curved ball at us.  

I would like to thank our Committee & Subcommittees & other members who have assisted with club  activities in the past year. Also, a big thank you to our Machine Examiners without whom we wouldn’t be  riding our Club Plated bikes. Without members stepping up to contribute to the Club through these roles,  our Club would not be able to operate. 

I would particularly like to thank retiring Membership Officer Glenn Kimpton & Secretary Sam Trabant for  taking on these significant roles when no one else would. I would also like to acknowledge the years of work  that Graeme & Evelyn Male have put into our club (both AWMEC & CEMCC), most recently on the  Fundraising & Regalia Committee & organising Christmas parties and also for Graeme, as President of both  Clubs for a number of years & as a key mover in forming our current Club when circumstances required it in  2015.  

I would also like to thank you, our members for showing up to meetings, rides & events in increasing  numbers (when we’ve been able to hold them). This club is about & for its members and in our case, sharing  our enjoyment of motorcycles & motorcycling in various ways. I believe that the depth of knowledge,  experience & camaraderie shared within our Club is outstanding & makes the AWMEC a great club to be part  of. 

Thank You, Phil Stuckey, AWMEC President 

Moved; Phil Stuckey, seconded; Dave Lutton – carried 

  1. Treasurers Report for 2021 presented by David Lutton, Treasurer – 

 Treasurers Annual Report – for 1 January to 31 December 2021 

Combined AWMEC Rally 

Opening Balance $22,159.43 $18,800.61 $ 3,358.82  Income 

Regalia $180.00 $180.00 

Raffle $1,702.65 $1,702.65 

Memberships $9,530.50 $9,530.50 

Interest $2.37 $2.03 $0.34 

Events $600.00 $600.00 

Rally $0.00 

Donations $250.00 $250.00 

Total $12,265.52 $12,265.18 $0.34 


Memberships $365.00 $365.00 

Stationary $136.00 $136.00 

IT/Web Expenses $1,023.99 $1,023.99 

Professional fees $59.20 $59.20 

Regalia $0.00 $0.00 

Entertainment $0.00 $0.00 

Advertising $0.00 $0.00 

Raffle Expenses $946.05 $946.05 

Events $2,399.88 $2,399.88 

Rally $0.00 

Member Welfare $0.00 $0.00 

Donations $1,000.00 $1,000.00 

Insurance $1,583.02 $1,583.02 

Other $0.00 $0.00 

Total $7,513.14 7,513.14 $0.00 

Profit/Loss $4,752.38 $4,752.04 $0.34 

Closing Balance $26,911.81 $23,552.65 $3,359.16 Moved; David Lutton, seconded; Russell Cole – carried 

  1. Membership Officers Report for 2021 presented by Glenn Kimpton, Membership Officer – 

Started 2021 with 200 members and finished the year with 211.  

Moved; Glenn Kimpton, seconded; Neil Hillas – carried

  2. COMMITTEE – the current Committee stood down & all positions declared vacant  Executive Committee 
  3. President (Michael Sarroff took the chair) Phil Stuckey 

nominated by Stewie McLeanseconded Paul Bullock 

No other nominations were received, Phil accepted the nomination and was declared  President. 

  1. Vice President (Phil Stuckey resumed the chair) Michael Sarroff 

Nominated by Graeme Male seconded Mike Yerbury 

No other nominations were received, Michael accepted the nomination and was declared  Vice President. 

iii. Secretary Clinton Van de Stadt 

Nominated by Michael Sarroff seconded David Lutton 

No other nominations were received, Clinton accepted the nomination and was declared  Secretary. 

  1. Treasurer David Lutton 

Nominated by Glenn Kimpton seconded Mike Yerbury 

No other nominations were received, David accepted the nomination and was declared  Treasurer. 

  1. Membership Officer Chris Brosolo 

Nominated by Tony Ryan seconded Stewie McLean 

No other nominations were received, Chris had accepted the nomination in absentia and  was declared Membership Officer. 

Ordinary Members – Additional Office Bearer Committee Positions 

  1. Club Web Manager & Editor Michael Sarroff 

Nominated by Graeme Male seconded Neil Hillas 

No other nominations were received, Michael accepted the nomination and was declared  Club Web Manager & Editor. 

vii. Bike Register & RMS / Vic Roads Liaison Officer Paul Bullock 

Nominated by Mike Yerbury seconded Doug Flack 

No other nominations were received, Paul accepted the nomination and was declared Bike  Register & RMS / Vic Roads Liaison Officer. 

viii. Welfare & Fellowship Officer Mike Yerbury 

Nominated by Doug Cowley seconded Maugan Redden 

No other nominations were received, Mike accepted the nomination and was declared  Welfare & Fellowship Officer. 

  1. Meeting Activities Coordinator Kelly Coutts-Smith 

Nominated by David Lutton seconded Maugan Redden 

No other nominations were received, Kelly had notified the committee that she would accept the nomination and was declared Meeting Activities Coordinator. 

  1. Club Constitution & Rules Officer Phil Stuckey 

Nominated by Graeme Male seconded David Lutton 

No other nominations were received, Phil accepted the nomination and was declared Club  Constitution & Rules Officer. 

NOTE- Members of the Executive may also be elected to fill one of the above Additional Office  Bearer positions in which case that position would be deemed to be filled and not require an  additional Committee Member to fill that position for that year.

  2. NSW Machine examiners (minimum two positions, preferably three) 

Tony Ryan 

Stewie McLean 

Mark Lennon 

  1. Vic Roads Permits Officer (one position as stipulated by Vic Roads) 

Doug Flack 

Vic Roads Machine Examiner – Stewie McLean (can inspect & sign for new Vic permits in  conjunction with authorised Committee member if Doug is unavailable) 

The above accepted the positions and were declared Club Machine Examiners 

  2. Ride Committee – 
  3. Chair Stewie McLean 
  4. Members (at least 3) 

John McInnes 

Mike Yerbury 

Tony Ryan 

Neil Hillas 

Mark Clifford 

The above members accepted the positions and were declared as the Ride  


  1. Rally & Events Committee – 
  2. Chair Neil Hillas 
  3. Members (at least 3) 

None nominated on the night 

Neil accepted the position & was declared as Rally & Events Committee Chair  

however at least two more members are required for this Committee. 

iii. Fundraising & Regalia Committee – 

  1. Chair Kelly Coutts-Smith 
  2. Members 

Mark Lennon 

Both Kelly & Mark had indicated that they would accept & were therefore declared  

in the positions however at least one more member is required for this Committee 

  1. CONFIRMATION OF FEES – As there has been no increase in the Clubs fees since the Club started in 2015 and  costs continue to rise, the Committee proposes that the Joining Fee be increased to $40 (from $35) and that  the Annual Membership Fee increases from $35 to $40 if the key Committee Executive positions have been  satisfactorily filled at this AGM; if key Executive Committee positions remain vacant then the Annual Fees  increase to $80 to cover the cost of engaging a paid employee or contractor to carry out the duties of the  unfilled position/s on an ongoing basis or until those position can satisfactorily be filled.  NOTE – any change to the Annual Membership Fee would be effective for 2023 year; changes to Joining Fee  will be effective from the conclusion of the AGM. 

As all key Executive Committee positions have been filled, the Chair proposed that the joining fee be raised  to $40.00 and the annual membership fee be raised to $40.00 

Moved; Graeme Male seconded; Dave Lockley – carried