2022-07-19 Minutes of Committee Meeting


Incorporated 2015 (Vic) Cert No. A0091002P ABN 36 359 421 929  

PO Box 1400, Albury NSW 2640 www.AWMEC.com.au  

Minutes of Committee Meeting – Albury Wodonga Motorcycle Enthusiasts Club  (Inc) 

Date: Tuesday 19 July 2022 Time: 5.30pm (two-hour time limit) Venue: Albury Autoscreen, 384 Griffith Rd, Lavington – hosted by Chris Brosolo Meeting opened at 5.30pm – Phil noted that we agreed to keep it to 2 hours 1. Attendees & apologies 

Phil Stuckey, Michael Sarroff, Clint and Sandy Van De Stadt, Chris Brosolo, Paul Bullock,  David Lutton, Kelly Coutts-Smith. Apologies from Mike Yerbury  

  1. Previous Minutes 10/5/22. Minutes were circulated per email for all to read. Moved by Paul Bullock, Seconded By Dave Lutton,  

All in favour, Minutes accepted – Motion carried.  

  1. Business arising from previous minutes. 

All items below  

  1. Reports/feedback from Office bearers as required ie: general update on items  of interest or issues with rolls (not normal reports as presented at meetings) 
  2. Secretary – Clinton Cleared up some issue with the registration and renewals

Registration book – renewals for Victoria. (VIC Roads) – only 4 people. President, Treasurer, Secretary, and Doug Flack (as club’s VicRoads Permits Officer)  

Each has a book -each time you do renewal -you need to fill it out details will be on  the rego papers – (fill out before signing papers) – Vic roads paperwork does not  have the Model and cc – (obtain from the owner as well as sight their current  Membership Card for Membership number). When sheet is full -give to Paul Bullock, he then updates on the Car Club web site. 

NSW has the same thing (via NSW Machine Examiners) – 

This is to ensure that the club has a record of who has club plated bikes on both  sides of the border. (no one should have their rego papers signed without it being  recorded in the books). 

Clint to write to Vic roads and ask them for a copy of who they have got registered  with club plates through our club – they will send you a list which we can give to Paul  to check and see what the discrepancies are, we must then advise Vic roads who is  not current financial Members.

Paul Bullock Liaises with NSW side of the regos. Noted: that we should advise our  club Examiners if Members are not financial. 

When machine examiner signs the rego papers – it means the machine is safe and  the member is Financial  

  1. Treasurer: Dave Lutton

Updated the committee about the record keeping of the accounts. 

David is following the Record keeping from the Australian government record  keeping guidelines. Electronic records are sufficient. Records must be on a  computer or device that you have access to, including the passwords, is backed up  in case of computer failure. No hard copies are required, all paperwork is scanned  into the computer and backed up. There is no need, then, to keep a copy of these  receipts – etc.  

David does keep the paper receipts in a file for the year as well. He also has all  paper records from when the club started in 2015.  

  1. Chris Brosolo – Membership officer

Chris cleared up a few issues with memberships and logbooks. 

Membership Cards – New plastic cards to be printed for next year by Quantum  (Clint).  

Chris requested explanation on logbooks  

In event attendance register, not required to record what bikes members ride when  they go on a club ride – only that they are there. (member attendance only). 

Phil noted that Logbooks pertain to the bike not to the rider. So, anyone can ride a  club plated Bike, as Long as he/she has license and fills in the logbook. 

Only reason the person needs to be a member of the club if he/she wants to put a  bike with club plates through the club.  

Chris was querying a new member that wanted to join and was in a hurry.  Phil noted that if new members want to join, they must come to a meeting 

Rule of the club: If you want to join the club you must fill out the form, pay the money  and attend the meeting.  

  1. Bike Register & Vic Roads/RMS liaison. Paul Bullock – No issues. e. Web Manager & Editor. – Michael Sarroff – No issues  
  2. Welfare & Fellowship Officer – Mike Yerbury –

No report – on vacation.  

  1. Meeting Activities Co-ordinator – Kelly Coutts-Smith

Kelly is running low on Club Regalia, not sure where the last lot was done. Embroidery Creations to do them for us.

Kelly to check where the machine badges were done, David to check old receipts to see where they were done  

Michael Sarroff suggested, if we could look at key holders with the logo on.  Chris Brosolo – Antech in Townsend street did the rally material previously  

Kelly needs to Order: Bulk stubby holders, Patches, caps 

Kelly moved a motion: that she needs $2000.00 dollars to buy stock of regalia which  is then sold back to the members. Seconded by Michael Sarroff  All in favour – motion carried. 

  1. Constitution & Rules Officer – typos mentioned last meeting can be corrected if constitution amended with Stewies proposed amendment to rule 13  

Phil – If Stewies amendment to the constitution goes through next week, Phil will  correct the typos at the same time.  

  1. Stewies Special Resolution to amend rule 13 – P7 constitution, Life Membership 

Phil updated we have circulated the notice of the special general meeting next  Tuesday 26 July to decide on this. 

We were all in agreement that we need to look at some other types of recognition  other than life membership or in addition to life membership and what constitutes  warranting life membership. (i.e., Definition of “singular service” for life membership) 

  1. Meal vouchers – clarify what we are now offering & who is doing what to  manage the process 

– Lee from GAAC to Donate a meal voucher which will be used as the door prize. – Kelly to use one in the raffle – part as the raffle (paid as per raffle) – Guest speaker – show and tell – (club to pay) per Kelly’s discretion, the person  does not need to be a member. 

Meal vouchers to be used within 3 meetings/3 Months – or extended if need be by  the committee  

  1. Meeting procedures re moving motions – needs to be consistent with  constitution or the constitution altered. Relevant section of constitution on  meetings are rules 31 to 42 (pages 11 to 15) with main rules in relation to  procedures at normal general meetings being rules 32, 34 & 39 

 Leave until last 

  1. Christmas party at GAA December 11th 2022, – Lee’s offer to be tabled Lee proposed that we have Christmas Lunch – Menu as follows:  Buffet style: 

Roast Loin of Pork 

Beef Stroganoff 

Pan seared Chicken breast 

Hand cut smoked ham 

Australian Prawns 

Pilau rice 

Roasted chat potatoes 

Roasted vegetables 

Pasta salad 

Baby beetroot 

Thai bean salad 

Freshly baked bread & butter. 

Desserts served to the table — Served alternate: 

Sticky date pudding with Butterscotch sauce. 

Apple and cinnamon crumble with vanilla ice cream. 

Chocolate Baileys mousse with whipped cream. 

Coffee & tea from the self-serve station. 

The above menu will be $35 per person. 

After discussion – “The GAAC has been nominated venue for our Christmas party on the 11th December 2022”. All in favour. Details to follow. 

The GAAC is also open the having other functions at the club 

Phil also noted that Lee had proposed that that they may be able to offer an associate membership to the GAAC to the AWMEC members – this will allow that  type of membership various discounts at the club – i.e. better prices at the bar. This  would be discussed at the GAAC – AGM in September 2022. – He will advise the  AWMEC.

General Business  

  1. Clint & Sandy – follow up on the NSWHMA

New South wales Historic Motoring Association – 

Contact persons – Ian browning and Phil Mudie (0407 034 484) -Immediate past President Phil Mudie: The key areas that I work in as the representative of NSWHMA are: Quote from Phil Mudies email  

“We are one of nine peak bodies that are joined together to form the Australian  Confederation of Motor Clubs representing everything from Motorcycles and Street Rods to  Tractors and of course historic vehicles. I am NSWHMA delegate to, and have been Vice  President of, that body for five years. It was the ACMC that brought the CVS and logbooks  into being. We meet 4 times a year with Transport NSW and the Minister in a forum called  the Vehicle Standards Working Group. I am one of the delegates to that body also. That is  where the NSW laws such as the Brake Assessment Manual and Vehicle Standards  Information sheets are developed. If you are not familiar with those documents, you should  look up VSI 6 online. Every registrar should be familiar with it. 

NSWHMA is one of only four Approved Organisations in NSW. ACMC is one also. The four  AOs meet regularly and discuss issues that relate to our Historic Registrations. There is a major shake-up happening right now and there will be changes. The AOs meet  with Transport NSW in another forum called the Historic and Classic Working Group to put  forward the position of the bodies we represent and to attempt to get favourable  improvements to the schemes wherever possible. 

We will be talking about the issues being raised at the Roadshows and we need to hear from  the clubs. The feedback helps to ensure that we are putting forward arguments and  suggestions that the Clubs agree with. 

Right now, things are about to change. 

As NSWHMA is now the largest body of Historic Vehicle clubs, we have a major role to play  in achieving satisfactory outcomes”. 

As this is a very important issue and if we want to be represented, we should attend.  Paul Bullock to attend the meeting, Michael Sarroff may also attend. Sunday 31st July 2022. B. Hammond Farm for BBQ approx. Date September 22.  

They are keen to have us there, it will be a Sunday ride. Due to the club not paying for the  Talgarno fire Brigade ride – Lunch. We were all in agreement that we pay for the Hammond  farm lunch – details to follow. 

  1. SMS messaging from OCC options (Michael)

Communication- advantages: to club members can be done by SMS Messaging  i.e., you receive a message on your phone – about rides, notifications of meetings, cancellation of rides  

Michael has researched a few ways to do it.

  1. This can be done via the data base (our car club) – the message should  contain – 180 characters and send out to the members – there is a charge – 10c per member sent to.  
  2. Other option – use a dedicated Mobile phone. Initial outlay and less running  costs. 

– Club to purchase a mobile phone – once of cost (Approx. $10.00 per Month)  Benefits – share with membership officer – renewals and secretary -point of contact  

Phil – Downside – someone would have to maintain the data base on the phone – telephone numbers etc. the advantage of OCC is that is done automatically. 

Michael Sarroff – will be able to manage this if we go with an iphone . 

This does create another issue – which system to use iPhone or android –  down to personal preference.  

Phil – agrees that it is a good way to communicate we just need to work out the best  way to do it  

10.Possible incentives for members to serve as future office bearers (raise by Chris  at last meeting) 

Committee to come back with ideas of what we can offer as Incentives and circulate  between each other via email. 

11.Replacement of Bike & Blues event- Kelly has retrieved the Bikes and Blue  trophy that was almost thrown out – it was in the possession of Steve Short  when he passed away. Kelly requested that the committee come up with some  ideas to replace the Bikes and Blues event and circulate between the committee  members. 

12.Donations – the Club didn’t make any donations last year, need to consider  options for this year – refer policy 3.6. AWMEC Donation Policy 

The secretary received and email from the Ride Committee – Neil Hillas, requesting a subsidy to help with costs for the Butter Ball Rally. The rally committee feels that it  may be an added incentive for members to attend/support this year’s rally. 

The request was discussed – 

There could be a pro rata payment made.  

Proposed by Paul Bullock $20.00 per person/entry. Seconded by Kelly. All in favour – Motion carried  

Secretary – Clint to report back to Neil. 

Other donations 

at the next general meeting Phil to put it to the members that we have not donated  for the last 12 months. If they have any suggestion or charities that they would like to  support if so, they, need to present it in writing to the committee.

Last item back to point 7.  

Meeting procedures re: moving motions  

Michael Sarroff has researched procedures, so we can keep the conduct of our  general meetings in accordance with the rules of the club and the constitution.  

Phil – General meetings covering general items/ topics – are circulated via the  agenda 14 days prior to the meeting. There is nothing in the constitution that  prevents a member from raising any matter other than constitutional issues however the committee can introduce rules on meeting procedures and how items can/should  be raised. 

Points of discussion:  

– The rules that cover these issues or how the constitution reads to cover these  issues  

Phil – There needs to be a definition of: 

– what is “business of a general nature” and 

– What is “busines that is not of a general nature”  

– The notice time that is required for these issues to be presented to the secretary to  place on the agenda.  

Phil (as Rules Officer) will circulate to the committee was he suggests. No other business – Meeting Closed at 7.30pm