2022-07-26 Minutes of General Meeting


Incorporated 2015 (Vic) Cert No. A0091002P          ABN 36 359 421 929 

PO Box 1400, Albury NSW 2640       www.AWMEC.com.au 

Minutes of General Meeting – Albury Wodonga Motorcycle Enthusiasts Club (Inc) — Incorporating a Special General Meeting  

Date: 26 July 2022. Time: 7.30 pm (meals available from 5.30pm) 

Venue: German Austrian Australian Club, 5 McFarland Road, Wodonga 

  1. Welcome & Attendees (as per attendance book) 

Phil Welcomed all members and guests.  

39 Members present and 4 Guests. 

  1. Apologies

Ross Edwards, Craig Wilson, Mike Yerbury, Bill Brennan, Rafaele Gangi, Greg Parish, John  and Sharon Kontista, Chris Brosolo, Doug Flack, Graeme Male, Dave Shephard, Bruce Ball,  Mike and Dave Johnston, Adam Greenwood, Peter Mayne, Karl Brandmeir, Buck Gardiner,  Troy Shipard.  

  1. Previous Minutes

Minutes of General Meeting June 28th – as circulated 

Minutes moved as correct – Paul Bullock, Seconded By – Neil Hillas 

All in favour – Minutes accepted. 

  1. Business Arising from Previous Minutes
  2. Special Resolution as proposed by Stewie Mclean to amend rule 13 (Life Membership)  of the Clubs constitution to allow the Committee to override the 15 years continuous  membership requirement in exceptional circumstances. This motion is in General  Business. 
  3. Bike magazine swap table

This is now operating at back table. Any members who have bike magazines at home that  you do not want please bring them in for other members to look at and take home for  reading. Kelly will store them and will be set out at meetings. 

  1. NSWHMA follow up & meeting
  2. Correspondence (In and Out) Clinton Van de Stadt, Secretary 

Correspondence In: / out: 

– Corowa Car/Bike Club – 2020/2022 Show and Shine 11 September @ Corowa RSL Park.

– Veteran and Vintage Motorcycle Club of South Australia presenting their 21st All – motorcycle swap meet and show – Sunday 2 October 2022. 

– Gippsland Vehicle Collection “The Maffra Shed” Display: Opens- 17 July 2022 and ends in late October.  

Displaying 160 Bikes. Including a restored 1914 Junior Triumph and rare 1961 BMW R50S  (1 of 1634 produced). 

Also, a collection of 24 Kawasaki’s and 100 bikes from 1969 – 1988. 

Contact Sue Lawrence – 0455 556 542 

NSWHMA – The New South Wales Historic Motor Vehicle Association – 

Club was contacted by Phil Mudie – 0407 034 484 (immediate past president)  

The Association is 1 of 9 Peak bodies that are joined together to form the 

“Australian Confederation of Motor Clubs” (ACMC) representing everything thing from  Motorcycles, Street Rods, Tractors and Historic Vehicles. The ACMC brought in the “Classic Vehicles Scheme” (CVS) and logbooks. They meet 4 times a year with Transport NSW and the  Minister in a forum called the “Vehicle Standards Working Group “. Where the NSW laws such as  Brake Assessment Manual and Vehicle Standards Information sheets are developed (see VSI 6 – online) 

The NSWHMA is 1 of 4 four “Approved Organisations” in NSW, the ACMC is another one.  The 4 AO’s meet regularly to discuss issues that relate to our Historic Registrations.  There is major shake-up at the moment and there will be changes. The AO’s meet with Transport NSW in another forum called the “Historic and Classic Working Group” to put forward the position  of the bodies we represent and to get favourable Improvements to the schemes where possible. 

Issues will be raised at the road shows and we need input from clubs. This feedback helps to  ensure that we are putting forward arguments and suggestions that the clubs agree on.  

The NSWHMA is now the largest body of Historic Vehicle clubs.  

Our club representatives attending: Phil Stuckey, Paul Bullock and Michael Sarroff. 

– Butter Ball Rally request for subsidy: Discussed at committee meeting – It was decided to make  a pro-rata payment to the Rally Committee $20.00 Per person towards the meals for the Rally. 

– Butter Ball Rally accommodation in Corryong – Neil Hillas has advised members of more  accommodation available email was sent out – not everyone received this. 

As follows – per Neil  

It has been brought to my attention that there appears to be a shortage of accommodation in Corryong for  our upcoming rally.  

— After a few phone calls, I have been able to secure accommodation at the Courthouse Hotel for the night  of the 1st October.

Room rates range from $80 for a single to $110 for a queen and 3 singles and other combo’s in between.  Contact details are as follows: Courthouse Hotel 02 60761868 speak to Sheryl 

— Also, Corryong Country Inn also has accommodation available on that date, but room rates are more  expensive ranging from $134 to $194 Contact Details 02 6076 1333 

Membership Officer’s Report: Chris Brosolo – (absent due to illness.) 

Phil reported we have currently 216 Members at present. 

New member introductions: 



  1. Treasurer’s Report: David Lutton, Treasurer.  

Figures at 31st of JUNE 2022 

Opening Balance $23,885.19 Closing Balance $ 24,545.14  

Income – $697.20 

Regalia : $62.00  

Raffle : $234.00 

Membership. : $400.00 

Interest : $1.20 

Expenses: $37.25 – Raffle Expenses – Net gain for the period $659.95 

Rally Account: $.17c interest, eft payment $150.00 

NOTE Income & expenditure Spread sheet available on request 

  1. Editor/Web Manager’s Report: Michael Sarroff, Web Manager/Editor  Michael will look into email problems that we are experiencing at the moment.  Web site doing well. New additions including stories. Updates on scheduled rides.  Visitors to the site increasing due to upcoming Butter Ball Rally. (most popular)  216 new visitors, top viewing days are Monday, Tuesdays.  

 Most viewing from: Mobiles then Desktop. Key word searches: AWMEC, then Albury  Wodonga Motorcycle club, then heated gloves, also club permit scheme. 

 Most popular pages: Butterball Rally – rides – events and who we are.  

— Recent additions to the website: The BSA- is back – return of a Legend – Gold Star  released in December. 

— 7 things that only motorcyclist know about, also What is the VSI -6 – forms – roadworthy  specifications  

— in Response to Roger McGregor’s question about the website  

Michael showed us how to navigate the web site on the big screen TV  

  1. Welfare Officer’s Report: Michael Yerbury, Welfare Officer 

 No report (Mike away) 

  1. Ride & Rally Report: Stewie Mclean, Ride Committee Chair and others.  

Neil Hillas – Rally preparations are well underway. Accommodation – per correspondence In /Out. 

Mark is organising sponsors for the Rally. 

We are still needing corner Marshalls. (New vests available.).  

Per request to the committee — Neil thanked committee for subsidy.  

Stewie McLean: 

Wednesday Ride 6 July 22 via Tangambalanga, Over Lockhart’s Gap, Return to Tallangatta  bakery for coffee and chat in the sun.  

15 Riders – weather – Clear blue sky but Cold.  

Ride to Talgarno – Fire Brigade BBQ – weather – Nice sunny day. 

Route: Woomargama- Walwa – very low cloud – coffee, return via River road to Talgarno for BBQ fundraiser. 12 on the ride plus 12 others showed up at Talgarno. Fire brigade were  happy with the numbers. Good turnout -thanks to George Stahl for organising. 

CHANGE TO RIDE CALENDAR: Yarrawonga Ride: Due to no water in the lake the BBQ  cruise has been postponed until 16 October 22. However  

Kevin and Cathy Hammond have offered to host a BBQ at their place: 

Date: 4 September 22 – 3347 Great Alpine road, Bowmans Forrest, 3735 VIC. The club is sponsoring the BBQ. Members to bring own drinks. 

The ride to leave from Opposite BP at 10am.  

We need to advise Kevin 1 week before to indicate Numbers – Kevin: 0410 443 558. 

Peter – Indian Visit. Ride was led by Leo – 22 attendees some cars as well.  This was very well attended. Very Good Lunch at the Bundalong Tavern.  

Rode to Indian Engineering. – Good collection of bikes in his sheds, they do  restorations/restoring for Indian Motorcycles, his son does the mechanical work. With his  experience in electronics, he is building regulators for Indians, these are sold around the  world. They recently started – Casting of cylinder heads, barrels, etc. 

Very enjoyable day out.

Acceptance of Reports: Moved: Kelly Coutts-Smith Seconded: Sam Trabant Carried  

10.General Business 

  • SPECIAL RESOLUTION – as circulated to members by email on 5/7/22 

Stewie McLean proposed a change to the Clubs Constitution at our General Meeting of  May 24th as outlined below. 

Stewie raised concern that the Clubs current constitution re Life Membership (rule 13 Page  7 of Clubs constitution) requires a minimum of 15 years continuous membership of the  AWMEC before Life Membership of the Club can be considered and that as the Club was  formed in 2015, Life Membership cannot be considered for a member who has provided  outstanding service to the Club prior to 2030. 

Under Rule 40 of the Clubs Constitution (P15) – Special Resolutions – provides the  opportunity to change a rule in the Clubs constitution if passed by a two thirds majority of  members present. To do this the motion being put must be circulated at least 21 days prior  to the date of the general meeting at which it will be put. 

Stewie has requested that a Special Resolution in the form of the following motion be put  that Rule 13 of the constitution on Life Membership be amended to allow the committee  discretion to override the 15 years continuous membership requirement in exceptional  circumstances. This would change Rule 13 Life Membership to read (changes in red). 

“A member of the club who has rendered singular service to the club and has maintained a  minimum of 15 consecutive years of membership or if not 15 years, at the discretion of the  committee in exceptional circumstances may, by special resolution at an annual general meeting,  be bestowed life membership provided that: 

(1) The nomination is in writing, given to the secretary at least 3 months prior to the annual general  meeting, and, 

(2) The nomination is supported unanimously by the committee. 

A life member shall be entitled to all of the privileges and benefits and be subject to the same  liabilities and duties of full membership without paying the annual subscription.” 


 Phil called for discussion for and against 

Stewie: The only way for the Committee to be able to look at this option is to change the  constitution – therefore we need to have Special Resolution with a 2/3rd’s Majority. 

The club has only been going for 8 years, there are a number of older members in the club at  present who did a lot of work for this club and with the previous club in Sydney, who may be  considered for some sort of recognition.  

Phil called for members to speak against – nil  

Motion to change the constitution – Proposed by Stewie McLean – seconded by: Neil Hillas  Show of hands for the motion – 30, (38 members tonight) nil against – Motion carried. Phil to amend the constitution as well as fix the typos.  

  • Other items of general business

Doug Cowey – Monday 24 October 22, 3 pm -Phil’s Garage – Cannonball Run riding through town  – approx. 135 Bikes Heading to Merimbula. BBQ Stop over at: The Harley Shop (old Phil’s  Garage), Twin cities  

— Clinton – Secretary – Please contact Clinton with changes to email addresses. — Please print name in Attendance Book. (No signatures please). 

— Donations – The club has a policy to donate $2000.00 a year to charitable organisations that are  deserving of some sort of support. A member or organisation can approach the committee in  writing with a request giving reason why it should be supported. The committee will consider that  at their next meeting. If committee feels this is a cause, we should support within budget we will  bring recommendation to next General Meeting for membership endorsement for that donation.  

We did donate in 2020 most was for Bush Fires, Albury Cancer Support Group (total $6000.00).  We did no donations 2021. 

If anyone has any suggestions/proposals or would like to put forward a proposal to the committee,  please send to the Secretary. This will be assessed at next committee meeting.  

— Stewie – Query about Historic Bike Licenses – 

Anyone can ride your historic Bike – provided it is correctly licensed and the logbook is filled out,  log needs to be filled in for that day – no matter if there is a change of rider. – This applies to  Victoria  

Paul Bullock – He can let a Licensed rider use his Historic bike in NSW as Long as the logbook is  filled in. 

11.Club Regalia: Kelly Coutts-Smith 

She is happy that club members have been purchasing the regalia.  

We need to order more regalia – new stubby holders, machine badges ,  

New items to be added to selection. Key chains,  

New Pricing will also be looked at. 

Guest Speaker / Show and tell: Introduced by Kelly Coutts-Smith, Meeting Activities Co ordinator  

Guest Speaker tonight is Malcolm Godde. – Kelly thanked him for attending and bringing his bikes  in.  

Malcolm brought in 2 bikes 

1975 XT 500 Yamaha. 

Malcolm gave us an informative talk on the history of the XT500 that was released into America, 2 blokes who worked for Yamaha in Sweden who had 6 world titles (500cc) between them and  wanted to get a 4 stroke to be competitive in the World GP – that was dominated by 2 strokes. 

This particular bike has been restored and tricked up with special parts. Spent about $22 000.00  on it.  

Montessa 300 Trials Bike. Current Model – this is a fantastic bike for trials, and it is amazing what  it can do. 

Great talk from Malcolm and Kelly thanked him – he also received a Meal voucher for the GAAC  for his participation.  

— Paul Bullock -Showed us his Kawasaki Muffler 250 or 350. – Noting that there is an expansion  chamber in the Muffler  

12.Technical Q&A Segment: This segment is for members to briefly raise technical questions  to see if other members may be able to assist. 

Peter Leddin has some crush washers from the UK – Contact Peter.

13.Whiteboard: NOTE whiteboard items are also on the Club website 

For Sale: 9 items  

– Nolan Full Face Helmet. New, Never worn, $ 100.00 Contact Elsie 0409 668 731 

– Old Style Fiberglass Motorcycle fairing, Not sure what bike, Fibreglass in reasonable condition ,  $30.00 . Contact Troy – 0401 716 633 

– 2002 Yamaha TDM900p, 103 000 kms on the clock, Excellent Condition, $ 2500 Contact Dave  Sinclair – MOB 0419 985 556 Or Michelle Sinclair mob – 0427 245 804  

– 2WA Shift Jeans with Dupont Kevlar and Body Armour, Excellent Condition – brand new,  – Size: Men’s Waist – 36 inch, $ 189.00 Or make an Offer. Contact Michael – the editor  – Seat for Moto Guzzi V7 – as new, $100.00. Contact Don – mob – 0488 373 143  – Rear Tyre for Moto Guzzi Roma, Brand new never fitted, size : 150/80 16  – New price $249.00 asking price $180.00 Contact Don 0488 373 143  

– Kawasaki Frame 4/83: Best Offer Contact Ray 0420412197 or Bruce 0418604181Value  

– 2005 Harley Davidson Softail Deluxe Black – with New Tyres and Wheel bearings Contact –  Greg – 0419485253. – Value $18,000. 

– 2008 Harley FLHR (Carby) Contact Lincoln at Fast Fuel. Value – $10 990. 

– 2020 Harley Davidson Street 500 (XG500) Value – $11,500 Contact- Michael At:  editor@awmec.com.au 

Wanted: 6 Items  

– 1972 Honda K2 750 Exhaust Original, Good Condition, Price: ??. Contact Peter Coulston mob: 0418  424 895  

– Vintage Friction Steering damper. To suit 1920’s Flat tank Motorcycle, Needed for 1927, AJS 350  Bigport Restoration. Any condition considered, value ??, Contact Peter – mob 0421 140 547. 

– Kawasaki GPZ900 Fuel Tank, Contact -Geoff. – mob – 0400 920 278 

– TT350 Yamaha Trial Bike, pre 1990 model For NSWS Club plates, Running or not. Contact Adrian  mob 0438 281 721.  

– Standard handlebars Postie Bike – Contact: Stewie. 

– 19” Motorbike Tyres (in any condition)- Contact: Roger. 

Raffle Draw: 

1st Prize : Peter Leddin – Soldering Iron Set 

2nd Prize : Michael Sarroff – Chocolates 

3rd Prize :Mark Clifford – Wine and Meal Voucher. 

Door prize: (From Attendance Book): No. 10 – Meal voucher: JOHN McInnes. 


Incorporated 2015 (Vic) Cert No. A0091002P          ABN 36 359 421 929 Closed meeting at 8.45pm  

PO Box 1400, Albury NSW 2640       www.AWMEC.com.au Next Meeting: 23 August 2022, General Meeting 7.30 pm, venue: GAAC ALBURY WODONGA MOTORCYCLE ENTHUSIASTS CLUB INC. 

Incorporated 2015 (Vic) Cert No. A0091002P          ABN 36 359 421 929 PO Box 1400, Albury NSW 2640       www.AWMEC.com.au