2022-11-08 Minutes of Committee Meeting

2022-11-08 Minutes of Committee Meeting



Incorporated 2015 (Vic) Cert No. A0091002P          ABN 36 359 421 929

PO Box 1400, Albury NSW 2640       www.AWMEC.com.au


Committee Meeting – Albury Wodonga Motorcycle Enthusiasts Club (Inc)

Date: Tuesday 8 November 2022 Time: 5.30pm (two-hour time limit)

Minutes Of Meeting 

Venue :     Quantum Printing, 49 Catherine Cres Lavington – hosted by Clint & Sandy

Agenda note, as we have agreed on 2-hour time limit for meetings we will need to limit time spent on discussing each item & prioritise dealing with most urgent & then quickest items first

  1. Attendees & apologies:

Phil opened the meeting at 5.45pm.

Present : Clinton and Sandy van De Stadt, Phil Stuckey, Kelly Coutts-Smith, Chris Brosolo, David Lutton, Mike Yerbury, Paul Bullock, Michael Sarroff.

  1. Previous Minutes 13/9/22.

 (Read prior to the meeting) Moved – David Lutton.    2nd – Paul Bullock

All in Favour – CARRIED.

  1. Business arising from previous minutes.


  1. Updated Appendix 1 in constitution – passed at October special meeting, completed & lodged with CAV  – This has been paid, receipted and accepted on 29 October 2022 by Secretary.


  1. Clarification of general meeting procedures – policy worded at last Committee meeting but not yet put into policy doc or communicated to members – Need to review this at another date.


  1. SMS messaging – listed below


  1. NSWHMA – application lodged & paid. Their website will allow us to download their monthly newsletter if we wish. This will keep us all up to date. 
  2. Donations – listed below
  3. New member packs – Kelly is working on these.


  1. Incentives for committee applicants – listed below
  2. Bikes & Blues replacement – listed below


  1. Reports/feedback from Office Bearers as required i.e., general update on items of interest or issues with the roles (not normal reports as presented at meetings);
    1. Secretary  Vic Roads – Still need to obtain a list of members with club plated vehicles. 
    2. Treasurer  – Outstanding invoice from Hammonds .No other issues.


  1. Membership – need to send out fee renewal notification to members
  2. Bike Register & Vic Roads/RMS liaison – No issues – To update the My Car Club website with bikes from Club register books and Vic Roads list.


  1. Web Manager & Editor Michael – All good – no issues.


  1. Welfare & Fellowship Officer Mike Yerbury – No issues. 
  2. Meeting Activities Co-ordinator Kelly – To compile New Member Packs.
  3. Constitution & Rules Officer Phil – Has updated the Rules and are now all in place. They will need modification in the future.  This will a position that would have to be filled in the future. Further discussion needed on this topic. 


  1. Donations

 Wodonga Men’s Shed – Proposed by Ramon Coulthard   (Member No 96) and Mark Clifford (Member No 212)       


Albury  Wodonga Animal Rescue -Proposed by Sandy Van De Stadt (Member No 78)


Albury Wodonga Regional Foodshare- Proposed by Mike Yebury(Member No 54)


Betty’s Place – Domestic Violence –  Proposed by David Lutton  (Member No 132)

Waiting for more information to follow 


Dave proposed $5000.00 total Limit , to bring us in line with previous years missed donations , Seconded by Kelly .     All in favour carried


Sandy – Propose – $1000.00 For Albury Wodonga Animal Rescue.

2nd – Chris Brosolo

All in Favour – CARRIED


 Kelly – Propose –  $1000.00  For  Wodonga Men’s Shed

2nd.        – David Lutton

All in Favour. –   CARRIED


Mike Yebury – Proposed $1500.00 For FoodShare

2nd – Michael Sarroff

All in Favour – CARRIED


Dave Lutton -Proposed $1500.00 For Betty’s Place

2nd – Clinton van de Stadt

All in Favour – CARRIED




  1. Christmas party Dec 11th


Club to subsidise $20.00 per head per members only. (cost of meal $35.00) (Partners to pay in full)

Proposed – Michael Sarroff

2nd – Mike Yerbury

All in Favour – CARRIED.

Committee decided to allocate $800.00 for Christmas gifts.


  1. Club Defibrillator  – 

Paul Bullock will give a demonstration and basic CPR instruction to members. 

Approximate cost of Defibrillator – between $1600.00 and $2000.00. Paul recommends Safepak or St. John’s Ambulance for purchase. He will report back to us about prices etc. 


  Defibrillator will be in the back up vehicle with the First aid kit. 


The committee recommends a volunteer of the Ride or the Events Committee to be responsible and manage the First Aid Kit and the Defibrillator.


Propose to purchase   – Chris Brosolo.      2nd Kelly Coutts-Smith

All in favour.          CARRIED.    


  1. Honouree Badges, 

Tokens of recognition for Office Bearers and volunteers.

Proposed Motion by Michael Sarroff.       2nd Paul Bullock.

All in favour.   CARRIED.


Machine Examiners Dinner

Phil proposed a dinner for the Machine Examiners in the first quarter of next year.

Club will pay for Machine Examiners and their partners. All members are invited to attend at their own cost.              2nd Paul Bullock

All in favour.        CARRIED.


  1. Networking with other Clubs 

 A motion proposed by Phil that we need to work on in the new year. Possibly a member to volunteer assistance with to network with other local clubs, NSW & Vic and states.   


  1. SMS messaging & Club phone

Michael Sarroff has kindly donated a phone for a 3-month trial.

This will be no cost to the members or club. (The committee’s expense. )  

Proposed By Michael Sarroff          2nd Paul Bullock

All in favour.   CARRIED.


  1. Replacement of Bike & Blues event – 

The committee will approach the Ride and Rally Committee to see if they can arrange something new for next year.  


  1. Possible incentives for members to serve as future office bearers (raise by Chris) – Already discussed with badges and machine examiners dinner.


  1. General Business


Michael Sarroff has obtained information from Council re- Events. Possible BBQ, Social group etc.  


Members who sign attendance book and do not attend the entire meeting, will NOT be awarded their point for attendance. 

(as per club policy, unless they have good reason for leaving the meeting.)

This is criteria for membership.


  1. Meeting Close :  Meeting closed at 7.55pm.