2022-11-22 Minutes of General Meeting


General Meeting – Albury Wodonga Motorcycle Enthusiasts Club (Inc)

Minutes Of Meeting 

     Date: 22 November 2022, Time: 7.42 pm (meals available from 5.30pm)

Venue : German Austrian Australian Club, 5 McFarland Road, Wodonga

 Welcome & Attendees 

Phil opened meeting at 7.42pm. Welcomed all present  and  introduced the 4 Charities /Groups/Organisations ,  the members have proposed to receive donations.


Special Presentation from proposed donation recipients;

  • Wodonga Men’s Shed – Mick McInerney
  • Albury Wodonga Animal Rescue – Rae Smith – unable to attend due to Covid – Clinton stepped in for her.
  • Albury Wodonga Regional Food Share – Sue Thornton
  • Betty’s Place – Michelle Milligan

Phil : Thank you to the groups for giving us a short outline of the support work they do in our region. These groups were nominated by club members for donation.  


Chris Brosolo, Adam Greenwood, Greg Parish, Sam Trabant, Raffaele Gangi, Craig Wilson, Kevin Corneliusen, Glenn Withers, Kelly Coutts-Smith, Dexter Cobbin, Stuart Moore, Mick Johnston, Maugan Redden, Troy Shipard, Mark Wilson, David Johnston, Paul Lefoe ,Ray  Matheson, Bruce Ball.

PLEASE NOTE: There are a few members signing in the attendance book and not staying for the entire meeting. This is not accepted due to our club policies. Members need to be in attendance for most of the meeting, if a member has a good reason to leave early – that is acceptable.  

Previous Minutes

Minutes of General Meeting October 25th – as circulated

Previous Minutes of General Meeting October 25th – as circulated.

Move as accepted: Graeme Male.   Seconded:  Russell Cole.    ALL IN FAVOUR.          CARRIED.

Business Arising from Previous Minutes

  1. Purchase of Club Defibrillator – Committee investigating best purchase option, Defibrillator to normally go with support vehicle on rides (when support vehicle going) & to Club events. Training in usage to be given to members.

 Mark Clifford to assist with purchasing. Paul Bullock will be presenting the training sessions.

A volunteer member from the Ride Committee would be preferable to be the Property Officer – Managing the Defibrillator and lost property etc.

Paul Bullock explained the Defibrillator has a shelf life of 5 – 7 years.  When used it then needs to be serviced.

Correspondence (In and Out) Clinton Van de Stadt, Secretary

The Gippsland Vehicle Collection : Latest displays of Rarities and Replicas.Approximately 50 Vehicles on Display. Opening Sunday 13th November until the end of February 2023.   Open Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday 10.00 – 4.00.

The Longford GPX News :   A long weekend in Longford – March 11 & 12 2023.

Historic Vehicles November 2022 Newsletter.

– Veteran & Vintage Motorcycle Only- swap meet – This was held on the 30 October 2022. 

Membership Officer’s Report:  Chris Brosolo, Membership Officer


No report Chris Could not attend.


New member introductions:  –   Phil Stuckey 

Russell Sharp –   Form Red label, 1997 Bule, BMW 1200 RS, KLR 650, CBX 750.

Kim Route (From Jingellic) – CBR 500   

Michael Route- (Jingellic Farmer) – XR 100, Trump Tiger and purchasing Mark’s Kawasaki.

Kieren Field – (From Mansfield) – New CRF 500 L,  1980 CV 125, and a working project bike.

Sharon Kontista – Rides Pillion, joined for the social rides and the friendship of this club.

Treasurer’s Report: David Lutton, Treasurer

As at the 31 October 2022.

Opening Balance: 30/9/22 – $24,524.95.      Closing Balance: 31/10/22. $22,546.46

Total Expenses: $3,465.49.                               Income : $ 1200.00 – Memberships

Rally Account: Unchanged  : $2,549.92 

Note: Income and Expenditure Spread sheet available on request.

Editor/Web Manager’s Report: Michael Sarroff, Web Manager/Editor

Feature Bike – “The Whizzer “ 

The website is doing well although a little slow with Wanted Items..

So please take advantage and send in your items For Sale or Wanted. 

A reminder the Membership Renewal Page is there to source the required details to ensure your renewal. As it is that time of the year again when memberships are due.

We now have a Suppliers Directory where we can invite suppliers to list their businesses. This will benefit our members when sourcing parts. Please submit suppliers of interest that will be useful.


Total Unique Visitors. – 167


Welfare Officer’s Report: Michael Yerbury, Welfare Officer 

 Michael Yerbury  – Nothing to report .

Garry Enever –  6 November – Riding  between Tintaldra  and Tooma accidentally hit a wombat.  Garry has broken foot, wrist and damaged bike. 

Michael Yerbury – (On members Welfare) – Be mindful – Covid is around again. A recommendation to wear masks, sanitise hands etc.   

Mosquitoes – Be aware Japanese Encephalitis is on the rise.  (Vaccinations are available)

Ross River Virus is also around now.

Ride & Rally Report: Stewie Mclean, Ride Committee Chair and others

Sunday. 30th October – ride to Thoona pub. 

Weather was excellent, good meals on the way. Eight riders set off, another 4 joined at the coffee stop in Rutherglen. Trevor’s fist ride with the Club. Glen ran out of fuel on the RG500 and was Helped by Phil and Mike. Good day overall .

Stewie – Recently recovered from Covid -recommends seeking anti -viral medication if you are eligible.  

John McInnes reported: 

Wednesday 9th November. Good turn out -14 riders, Good nibbles and conversation in Walla . 

Saturday / Sunday – 12/13 November ride to Jindabyne. Jindabyne Ride. – 5 Bikes and 2 cars. Graeme and Evelyn doing back up. 9.00am departure, stopping at Corryong for Coffee and then on to Adaminaby. Some rain near Kiandra. Arrived in Jindabyne in time for happy hour. Good Ride and Good Company.

Events happening shortly – 27 /11/22.  Ride to Eskdale Hotel via Dartmouth,  Led by Tony Ryan Starting at 9.00am at normal starting place or across road at BP service station if under water. This is the last official ride for the year.

Wednesday Ride 7/12/22 Midweek coffee Ride to Koetong Hotel.

Distinguished Gentlemen’s Ride Next Year- 21 May 2023. Stewie McLean is organising this event –

  get dressed up (bow tie, braces etc). Half hour ride.  – 2 guest speakers: Men’s Health and Prostrate Cancer.


Neil Hillas – 30 + attendees for the Rally this year. Not a bad turn out.  Thanks to Stewie for the Trivia night. This was well received. Please finalise all outstanding accounts. Thanks for everyone who attended. 

Don Stuart has a black jacket that was left at Corryong.

Thanks to the Rally Events Committee for all their efforts this year:

Mark Clifford, John McInnes, Don Stuart.  

Phil – Thanks to the Rally Committee for a great weekend. It would be good to see more members attend in the future.

Peter Ledden : 4  Riders went up to Cootamundra. Their 100-year Rally. Good Ride and interesting guest speaker.

Doug Cowie :  Doug and another friend went to the Cannon Ball Run in Perth.    14 days from Busselton Pier to Merimbula. 

The models of bikes were 1915 -1947. 85 bikes started,   

Groups of bikes.   –  1915-1923, 1923 – 1933, 1933- 1940, 1940- 1947.

Busselton – Albany – Esperance -Rangers Station, Norseman, Ceduna, Port Lincoln, Port Pirie- Called in to the  Flying Doctors ( This event is to raise money for the Flying Doctors )  Crystal Brook, Mildura, Deniliquin, Albury, Corryong, Jingellic, Cabramurra, Jindabyne, Merimbula.  57 Bikes finished. Doug was a starter. Total $150,000 dollars raised. Unfortunately, one Rider was killed along the way. 

Mark Clifford:   Thank you to Neil Hillas for sponsoring the Breakfast at the start of the Butterball Rally.

Acceptance of Reports

Move for acceptance of Reports – Doug Flack          Seconded – Mark Clifford

ALL IN FAVOUR.                           CARRIED.


General Business

  • Donations – The Committee has proposed that we allocate $5000 (as no donations given last year) to 4 groups who have addressed the meeting as follows;
    • Wodonga Men’s Shed $1000
    • A/W Animal Rescue $1000
    • A/W Food Share $1500
    • Betty’s Place $1500


Move to accept Donations – Elsie Romey.           Seconded – Doug Cowie


Phil Stuckey – thank you these are all fantastic causes to support. We will  catch up with them again,  and see how they are going next year.

Elsie Romey – Elsie is collecting small toiletries etc. for the homeless shampoo etc, she requests if members can bring in small toiletries for her to distribute.

  • Club Christmas party to be at the GAA on Sunday December 11th @ 12 MD – Committee proposes that meal ($35) be subsidised for members by $20 ph so members pay $15. Also propose that $800 be allocated to gifts

ALL IN FAVOUR.                     CARRIED.

NOTE: Graeme Male will be to organising the Christmas Party. Please ring or email Graeme. Thank you, Graeme and Evelyn!

Other items –  

Honorary Badges : Michael Sarroff

Michael has a proposal of honorary badges, for recognition of voluntary work done. A badge to be awarded at Annual AGM. Office Bearers and various other efforts.

– A great idea! Michael to investigate prices etc. 


Mobile Phone Messaging :Michael Sarroff

A member has generously donated a second-hand phone to the club. A couple of the committee members have offered to finance the mobile phone. This is to give it a trial run for a 3-month period.   Michael will be managing and maintaining the mobile phone.   

Michael will send the messages out.


Terry Gay – Sunday 4th December Broadford – Come and Try – Side Car Ride. Contact Terry.


Paul Bullock

1.We have now joined the NSWHA ! Newsletter is now on our website.    

  1. NSW Rego -If you are changing your bike rego status – from club rego to logbook usage, You have to fill in a pink form. Only available at RTA.

Club Regalia 

Hats: $20; Stubbie Holders: $10; Stickers: $1; Sew on Patches: $10; Beanie’s & Hats: $20; Machine Badges: $20

NOTE: Embroidery Creations at 426 Wilson St, Albury can provide polo shirts bearing the AWMEC logo.

Guest Speaker / Show and tell: Introduced by Kelly Coutts-Smith, Meeting Activities Co-ordinator  — No guest speaker tonight due to special presentations of donation recipients.

Members wishing to present a project bike or guest speaker at a club meeting should contact Kelly Coutts-Smith (0458 179 411) to arrange a presentation time. Text is the best way to contact Kelly as she is not always able to take phone calls during the day due to work. Email is also ok – Kelly’s email is kcoutts-smith@hotmail.com


Technical Q&A Segment: This segment is for members to briefly raise technical questions to see if other members may be able to assist. — No Questions tonight.


Whiteboard: NOTE whiteboard items are also on the Club website

FOR SALE :   2001 Yamaha FZS 1000

                       Suzuki 1980 GP 125

                        Suzuki 1985 VS 750 Intruder  

WANTED :     Nothing at the moment.


Raffle Draw:

1st Prize : Screwdriver Set, Patch, Stubbie Holder.  –  Sandy Van De Stadt.

2nd Prize : 2 Bottles of wine, Dinner Voucher.    –        Doug Cowie.

3rd Prize :  Top Tune $50 Voucher, tin of biscuits –     Russell Cole.


Lucky Door Prize – donated by Lee Botting & GAAC— No: 9. – Matthew Goodwin.


Meeting Close and Next Meeting

Meeting closed at 9.30pm.           

Next Meeting: 24 January 2023, General Meeting 7.30 pm, venue: GAAC, meals available from 5.30 

NOTE: no December meeting but Club Christmas Party at GAAC on Sunday December 11th 12 md – bookings essential through Graeme Male.