2022-11-27 Dartmouth Hotel for lunch

2022-11-27 Dartmouth Hotel for lunch

Tony Ryan – Dartmouth Hotel for lunch via Walwa (coffee) and Yabba Rd. 150kms

Good Morning  Members

Tony Ryan has asked me to send   a message to all  who are attending the Dartmouth Ride , there seems to be some confusion

The ride schedule is as follows :  to Dartmouth via Yabba Rd for morning coffee then out to dam returning to Eskdale Hotel for lunch { we are supporting them as they made many generous donations to our Rally } thanks regards Tony Ryan

Enjoy the ride
​Clint and Sandy


Dartmouth Pub
Dartmouth Pub





Rides start at 9.00 am, except for # June, July and August which are 10.00am.
Normal meeting place is Wodonga Place opposite BP Service Station. Unless posted otherwise.
Estimated Distances shown are to the destination.
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