2023-04-18 Minutes of General Meeting

General Meeting – Albury Wodonga Motorcycle Enthusiasts Club ( Inc) 

Minutes of the meeting 

Date : 18th  April 2023.                   Time : 7.31pm.

Venue : German Austrian Australian Club,  5 McFarland Road Wodonga.

  1. Welcome & Attendees  (as per attendance book)

             President – Michael Sarroff – welcomed everyone with some general news – 

The motoGP – Alex Rins claimed a historic win at the Coto track. He secured a brilliant victory in the Grand Prix after forcing Francesco Bagnaia into another crash.

BMW is to introduce an advanced facial recognition system to unlock and start their new range of motorbikes. Using Face ID – Combination of 3D facial mapping to scan your face to unlock the bike and start up.

This Autumn has been our coldest throughout Australia – in Victoria especially,  for its coldest Easter in 8 decades ! – Coldest Easter since 1946!

All members please note – a new column in the attendance book for Apologies. 

Milestones Reached – Birthdays, Ellsworth 90th, Graeme 80th, Nigel  40th.

  1. Apologies: Glen Kempton, Mark Lennon, John Kontista, Sharon Kontista, Graeme Male, Evelyn Male, Alan Wilson, Paul Bullock, John Bullock, Bruce Ball, Graeme Greskie, David Barson, Karl Brandmeir,  Doug Cowie, Adam Greenwood, Adam Jacob, Mark Sice, Kevin Star, Ray Matheson, Mike Yerbury, Craig Wilson. 
  2. Previous Minutes : Minutes of General Meeting 28 March 2023 – as circulated via email and website.
  3. Business Arising from Previous Minutes :

Business Cards – Now Finalised, available to all members, AWMEC business cards  have  our contact details, emails etc and QR code, this takes you directly into our website!   

Honorary Badges – Postponed till September. Michael explained that the Badges are designed for an AGM. We will have a more suitable time to review in September. Michael has the proposal available on the website for anyone interested in viewing.

Machine Examiners Dinner : Mike Yerbury is working on a date that will be convenient.

  1. Correspondence In & Out : Clinton Van De Stadt- Secretary 
  1. Historic Vehicle April Newsletter.
  2. Dubbo Motor Fest – Saturday 2nd September 2023.
  3. Albury Wodonga Regional Cancer Centre Trust Fund.
  4. Cruising in Campaspe.
  5. Email from John and Sharon Kontista – John sustained serious knee injuries at the Albury/Wodonga Penrite Pro MX meeting. John and Sharon were doing marshal duties and John was hit by a Motocross bike during the competition. 


6.Membership Officer’s Report : Chris Brosolo : Currently  236 Members. 2 new members.

 8 members have not renewed, we are unable to contact them (tel or email may have changed and we have not been notified) , if anyone knows  how to contact these members, please let Chris or committee know.    

Jeffrey Taylor, Mark Ball, John McCluskey, John Seckold, Andre Stewart, Michael Wright, Raymond Hinde, Leigh Ball. 

  1. New member Introductions:  Joanne Sarroff – (Pillion), Christopher Salmon.
  2. Treasurer’s Report : David Lutton :

Opening Balance : $23 614.90.           Closing Balance : $22 205.15.

Income : Total  $1532.00.          Expenditure Total  $2941.75

9.Editor/Web Manager’s Report : Michael Sarroff. – Feature Bike : Triumph Thunderbird 6T.

I have been working on a new section recently. It is titled – Members Resource Documents.

Within this page is a collection of our Resource Documents to assist our members’ with their projects. Members are allowed access and are free to Download and/or Print as required. I welcome any member to make contributions towards the resources.

The best way to understand what I am achieving is to visit our website and check out what content is in there.

One section I’d like to point out is the ‘List of Project Ideas’ page. This page is for whenever a member has an idea, or concept, or would like to see thoughts considered, will be listed here. The intention is for members to view and consider this list and see if they may be able to make it happen by spearheading the concept.

These documents are password protected.

Without the help of members, the club would not be able to do the amazing work that benefits us all.

  1. Welfare Officer’s Report : Mike Yerbury –  Apology tonight.
  2. Ride and Rally Report : Stewie Mclean – Ride Committee Chair and others-

Tony Ryan -Lakes Entrance Ride – 12 Bikes, 2 Cars at start.   Very cold, travelled to Mitta for Morning Tea. It was bitterly cold to Omeo for Lunch.  Lorne Campbell from Millawa joined our group, We then travelled on to Lakes Entrance – Warrick and Karin were there the day before. 

Total of 14 bikes  -2 club plated bikes  – 1 Moto Guzzi and 1 Kawasaki ,  3 Ducatis, 3 Triumphs, 2 BMW, 2 KTM, 1 Harley, 1 Toyota Kluga and 1 Mazda MX5.  Everyone returned home safely splitting up going in different directions and some left early and some stayed on.

John McInnes :   Woomargama Pub.  Travelled out through Culcairn, Coach Road cut across to Woomargama.  11 Bikes, 12 people. Enjoyable sunny day.

Ray Waring :  Rays report for Michaels short ride : “ The Ride into the Unkown”  titled by Ray as he is from the UK. 

The omen was not good, tail end of a cyclone. Not too may brave (Or foolish). Lots of moisture at start. Good Briefing. A blast of air to a rear tire of a machine -do not mention riders name, out came Sunshine, Down Came the Rain, Out came the Sunshine, Down Came the Rain!  The Welcome sight of the First stop at Jindera Pioneer Centre, as we dismounted the rain eased, out came the sunshine and nearly dried up all the rain. The 5 machines, Harley Davidson, Norton, and 3 assorted Yamahas dripped gently in the sun as did the 2 couples and 3 solo Riders, we had a warm welcome and were quickly ushered into the rear of the building to continue dripping. Our refreshments were of the highest order and for 1 rider the Devon Cream Tea was particularly welcome, Memories of Home for yours truly. As the attached photos show (Michael showed on screen) – it was a great place to visit, fascinating history, it was like walking back into the pioneer days. Having said our goodbyes, off we headed into the near impenetrable cloud and rain, dashing, dodging and splashing our way across the country, we eventually arrived at our lunch time stop Barnawartha.  This pub has suffered a major fire and is now under new ownership and is totally restored. We had good food and good service. End of story not quite – despite of very best efforts of Max, Michael with help from Joanne, I was completely baffled by the words and the meaning of a well known Australian phrase . “You wouldn’t be dead for quids”    

The final incident, perhaps the funniest, a case of mistaken identity, when a local couple were quietly eating their Sunday Roast   were accused of being a motorcycle mechanic and his wife and approached by several members to say hello, needless to say they were totally baffled and left quietly soon after. As we were headed home, a short cut, underneath freeway, old Hume highway. (No Potholes) Great Day. 

Neil Hillas : Butterball Rally – Subtitled the NOSTALGIC RETURN. – 14/15 October 2023

 The route is still to be finalised. Due to Road conditions etc.

Accommodation: booking is through Neil as he has done a block booking.

A Bus is available for anyone who wishes to attend and is not riding. 

More details to follow.

Matthew Goodwin: Broadford Event was cancelled.  The name was changed to The Gap Year, supported by Shannons. Matthew entered his uncles’ motorcycle 1970 RD 350. Riders pay a fee to take your bike onto the track – $150 plus race licence of $40. Camping available to stay for a few days. Great Fun.

  1. Networking with External Clubs and Groups Report : Elsie Romey, Network Committee Chair and others.    

Rex Beard : Sunday Albury Wodonga  Penrite Pro MX Championship  – Miserable weather in morning , cleared up a bit in afternoon. Track very soft. Rex was covered in mud. John McInnes, Sam Trabant, Sharon and John Kontista  were all marshals.

Sam Trabant   :  Volunteer at Motor X. track was well presented. Rain turned the track into deep mud. Much improved, with Road Safe on site. Medics etc. 

Acceptance of Reports – Moved      Neil Hillas.             2nd – Joanne Sarroff


  1. General Business :

Photos of Committee Members for Web site 

 Michael Sarroff – Recognition to Phil Stuckey 

Michael congratulated and thanked Phil Stuckey, to show recognition to him for His efforts in  reconstructing the club after 2015  – from constitution, getting memberships up and running and the operating rules, can not go unnoticed.  He was Membership officer for 3 years, (Member no 1,) backboard of support with the Operating Rules, Vice President 3 years, President for 2 years.

Thank you to Phil. 

Thank you to Neil Hillas for taking the position of Vice President.

Special note – All our volunteers should be congratulated from time to time. Please show them your support by way of a “thank you” when you see them next. Without our volunteers the club would not survive.

Other Items – Rex Beard : Rutherglen Rumble Sunday 23 April 2023. 

  1. Club Regalia : Hats $20 , Stubbie Holders $10, Stickers $1, Sew on Patches $10, Beanies $20, Machine Badges $20. NOTE: Embroidery Creations at 426 Wilson St, Albury can provide polo shirts bearing the AWMEC logo.
  2. Guest Speaker/Show and Tell :

Intro by Kelly Coutts-Smith, Meeting Activities Co-ordinator- No guest speaker tonight. 

Kelly’s New Mobile 0477 814 443 email – kcoutts-smith@hotmail.com  to arrange a presentation time. Text is the best way to contact Kelly as she is not always able to take phone calls during the day due to work.

Meal voucher awarded to Ray Waring for his report of the ‘Ride to the Unknown’ tonight.


15.Technical Q&A Segment : No items tonight.


  1. Whiteboard : NOTE : whiteboard items are also on the Club website.

For Sale :  

2011 Softail Standard    $25 000.00 Contact Hadyn Waite 02 6042 0111

1988 Yamaha DT 175.    $1500.00    Contact David Shephard +61 (0) 424 083 625

1980 Suzuki GP 125.       $1800.00.   Contact Doug Flack  0409 451 202

2009 Crossbone FL.         $              Contact Doug 0427 327 100

Women’s Rivet Pants.      $15.00.       Matt. 0423 503 216

Ladies Thomas Cook ‘Jenny Reb’ boots. $30.00 Matt 0423 503 216

Wanted :  

Yamaha Virago XV1100 left hand passenger foot peg.  David Barson 0427 563 48417.

  1. Raffle Draw:

1st Prize – Wine and Meal Voucher – Dave Merbach

2nd Prize – Chocolates and Radio – Jo Kearney

3rd Prize – Memorabilia – Adrian Birch

  1. Lucky Door Prize Donated by Lee Botting & GAAC.   Winner – Terry Mc Cabe
  2. Meeting Close and next meeting :

Meeting closed at 8.45pm. Next meeting 23 May 2023 7.30pm venue – GAAC, meals available from 5.30pm.