2023-05-23 Minutes of General Meeting


Incorporated 2015 (Vic) Cert No. A0091002P ABN 36 359 421 929

PO Box 1400, Albury NSW 2640 www.AWMEC.com.au


Incorporated 2015 (Vic) Cert No. A0091002P ABN 36 359 421 929

PO Box 1400, Albury NSW 2640 www.AWMEC.com.au

General Meeting – Albury Wodonga Motorcycle Enthusiasts Club (Inc)

Minutes of the meeting

Date: 2023-05-23 Time: 7.30 pm

Venue : German Austrian Australian Club, 5 McFarland Road, Wodonga

1. Welcome & Attendees: 53 Members Attended, 2 Visitors.

Michael opened the meeting at 7.30pm with his welcoming address and some news:

1. Kawasaki’s plans – Hydrogen Fuel progressing in Australia.

2. Rider Fatalities on the Rise. This has risen by 7 %.

3. Jack Miller’s new colours – Black and Orange!

2.Apologies: Mike Johnston, Phil Stuckey, Adam Greenwood, Kevin Corneliuson, Rex Beard, Roger McGregor, David Lutton, Dave Merbach, Ann Merbach, Craig Wilson, Neil Hillas, Evelyn Male, Mark Clifford, Jo Kearney, Fred King, Paul Lefoe, David Johnston, Pat Povolny, Chris Brosolo.

3. Previous Minutes:
Minutes of General Meeting 2023-04-18 – as circulated

4. Business Arising from Previous Minutes:

A. Committee members photos need to be completed for our website.

B. Machine Examiners Evening was held on the 2023-05-12. Mike Yerbury organised the evening with 21 members attending at the Lincoln Restaurant on the Causeway. This was a recognition for the work done by our machine examiners. A big thank you as without them it would be difficult to maintain the running of the club and have Classic Bikes examined and registered per the requirements of the states. A great night and good meal, very enjoyable.

5. Correspondence (In and Out):
Clinton Van de Stadt, Secretary

Correspondence In: 1. Historic Vehicle Newsletter.


Incorporated 2015 (Vic) Cert No. A0091002P ABN 36 359 421 929

PO Box 1400, Albury NSW 2640 www.AWMEC.com.au


Incorporated 2015 (Vic) Cert No. A0091002P ABN 36 359 421 929

PO Box 1400, Albury NSW 2640 www.AWMEC.com.au

2. Historic Winton 24/5/23.

3. Moorabbin Air Museum.

6. Membership Officer’s Report:
Chris Brosolo, Membership Officer – Absent tonight. Any new members tonight or members with issues can contact him tomorrow at Autoscreen from 12 midday onwards.

7. New member introductions:

There was one prospective member by the name of Manny. He did speak and told us about himself, rides a Harley 1979 Dyna. Retired with 19 grandchildren! Welcome Manny we hope you will join our club.

8. Treasurer’s Report:

David Lutton, Treasurer – Absent tonight. Read out by Clinton Van De Stadt.

Opening Balance $ 22 205.15 Closing Balance $ 21 844.52

NOTE Income & expenditure Spreadsheet available on request

9. Editor/Web Manager’s Report:
Michael Sarroff, Web Manager/Editor

No feature bike tonight as Michael wanted to do a website walk around explanation of how to find our way around the website.

Some pages you may want to visit are

1. Members Supply Directory

2. For Sale and Wanted.

3. Most Recent News Stories.

4. Documents for AWMEC – Application Forms. Club Rego etc.

5. Members Resource Documents. (Password needed to access this area – Available to all members, please ask ).

10. Welfare Officer’s Report:
Michael Yerbury, Welfare Officer. Nothing new to report.

John Kontista explained to us about his recent accident at the Albury Wodonga Motocross Club Championship. He was a volunteer flag marshal at this event. John sustained serious injuries; he was hit by a motorbike. Damage to both his knees. He is awaiting further medical reports and follow ups, he hopes to be back on the road soon. Thanks, John, for attending the meeting and for your report, we wish you a speedy recovery.

11. Ride & Rally Report:

John Mc Innes – Butterball Rally update. We have a AWMEC RALLY block booking at the BIG 4 Caravan Park Wangaratta North. Saturday 14 October 2023.

Entry fee includes Breakfast Saturday and Sunday and T shirt. We are looking for sponsors, names will be printed on the back of the T Shirts. Entry forms will be available soon. Dinner is at the Vine Hotel. (Caravan Park is very close to Vine Hotel – within walking distance.)

Stewie McLean – A few rides were cancelled due to wet weather. The Lockhart Ride will be re-scheduled. Check website for new dates.

The Distinguished Gentlemen’s Ride. We have decided not to continue with this. There was a concern about where the donations were going. Stewie comment was we would like donations raised to go to our Local area.

Wednesday Coffee Ride 10/5/23 – A very lovely morning. 21 in the group for a winding back road meander to our coffee stop in Rutherglen. Good conversation outside in the sunshine.

12. Networking and Outside Clubs:
Elsie Romey , Networking Committee Chair , John Kontista and Rex Beard.

A. Meeting on Monday 15 May 23.

Elsie updated us on the progress that has been made and will be working with the Ride Committee to try to network with outside clubs.

After all Reports are presented, we ask for the motion Acceptance of Reports –

Moved- Kelly Coutts-Smith Seconded- John Kontista

14. General Business:
Any member willing to present a topic for the club

A. BBQ Opportunities – Looking for members to assist with this. Please make yourself known to Michael

B. Other Items – Historic Winton display this weekend, Rex Beard has 5 Entry Vouchers available.

Lost and Found. A black jacket found at last year’s Rally in Don Stuart’s Car.

15. Club Regalia:
Kelly Coutts-Smith Meeting Activities Co-ordinator

Beanies and Hats: $20; Stubbie Holders: $8; Stickers: $1; Sew on Patches: $10; Machine Badges: $20

NOTE: Embroidery Creations at 426 Wilson St, Albury can provide polo shirts bearing the AWMEC logo.

16. Guest Speaker / Show and tell:

Kelly Coutts-Smith Meeting Activities Co-ordinator

Stewie McLean gave us a very interesting Report/ presentation by means of a Photo slideshow of his holiday to Nepal. He and his partner hired an Enfield Himalaya approx. 420cc which they used to travel around and experience the area. The ride was a previously organised rally that happens every year to raise funds. Initially for Stewie’s friend daughter. The funds now go to other organisations. Thanks, Stewie and well done.

Members can view pictures on the Clubs website

17. Technical Q&A Segment: Nothing tonight.

18. Whiteboard:
NOTE More whiteboard items are also on the Club website

7 Items for Sale:

Ladies Motorcycle Pants. Size 16 $70.00. Contact Jo K 0408 010 228

1988 Yamaha DT $1500.00 Contact James Shepard 0424 083 625

2011 Softail Standard $25 000.00 Contact Hayden White 02 6042 0111

2009 Crossbone FL Contact Doug 0427 327 100

Yamaha 535 Virago V twin $3100.00 Contact Roger McGregor

Womens Rivet Pants – Small $15.00 Contact Matt 0423 503 216

Ladies Thomas Cook ‘Jenny Reb’ boots 7EE $30.00 Contact Matt 0423 503 216

Wanted: to buy : Yamaha Virago XV1100 Left hand passenger foot peg. Contact David Barson 0427 563 484.

19. Raffle Draw:
Kelly Coutts-Smith Meeting Activities Co-ordinator

Prize winners: 1stMerchandise Pack – Beanie Stubbie Holder, Sticker, Cloth patch, Box of Chocolates. – Mark Sice.

2nd – Wine and Dine – 2 X Bottle of Wine, Meal Voucher – Paul Bullock.

3rd – Light me up – Work Light and Tin of Shortbread – Lorne Campbell.
20. Lucky Door Prize:
Donated by Lee Botting and GAAC – No 13 – Peter Young.

21. Meeting Close and Next Meeting:

Closed 9.01 pm

Next Meeting: Tuesday 27 June 2023 General Meeting 7.30 pm, venue: GAA meals from 5.30