2023-07-16 Fundraiser BBQ for/at Ournie Hall – 180kms


URGENT – Show support, we need to know numbers from members.
Kym and Michael are catering and need to know.

Urgently need your RSVP to confirm attendance.

Simply send a “Yes for 1” or 2,3 etc
SMS to the AWMEC Club mobile on – 0493624120



Leaving from opp BP in Wodonga Place in Albury at 10am.

We will travel the river road to Jingellic and then further on towards Tumbarumba before turing right to Ournie. Approx 180kms.

Kym and Michael Roach are hosting this fundraiser.

I have it on good advice that Kym does all the cooking!

The club is showing support in way of a donation and we encourage all members to attend to enjoy.

A choice of different meals and yummy casseroles will be paid for by the riders.

Comms are dodgy up there, so make sure you have some cash. ( No card payment available )

I understand that there maybe some refreshing ales available as well.

This is another way that the club supports local and keeping it local.



 Ournie Hall
Ournie Hall

Remember that this is now the month of July and the ride starts are now at 10 am.

Rides start at 9.00 am, except for # June, July, August & September which are 10.00am.
These times may be varied to suit route/conditions.
Please visit the event post for the latest up-to-date information.
Normal meeting place is Wodonga Place opposite BP Service Station. Unless posted otherwise.
Estimated Distances shown are to the destination.
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