2023-07-25 Minutes of General Meeting

Incorporated 2015 (Vic) Cert No. A0091002P ABN 36 359 421 929
PO Box 1400, Albury NSW 2640 www.AWMEC.com.au

General Meeting – Albury Wodonga Motorcycle Enthusiasts Club (Inc)

Minutes of Meeting
Date: 2023-07-25 Time: 7.30 pm (meals available from 5.30pm)
Venue: ‘The Venue’ (old name GAAC ), 5 McFarland Road, Wodonga
1. Welcome & Attendees: Meeting opened at 7.31pm. 57 Members in attendance. 9 Visitors.
Michael welcomed everyone with interesting information.
– The Albury Riverside Precinct – Now OPEN.
– In Melbourne (Cranbourne) Albury is advertised (sign written on a tram.) A great way to promote
our area!
Sturgis Motorcycle Rally starts next week from the 4th to 11th August. A big event with
entertainment and rides.
2. Apologies: Craig Williams, Graeme Male, Evelyn Male, Rex Beard, Paul Lefoe, Peter Dwyer,
Kate Thomas, Rick Del Monte, Kevin Star, David Lutton, Terry McCabe, Chris Jones, Adam
Jacob, Kelly Coutts-Smith, Neil Hillas, Peter Leddin, Phillip Gardiner.

3. Previous Minutes:
Minutes of General Meeting 2023-06-27 – as circulated
4. Business Arising from Previous Minutes:
A. A reminder about the new name for the meeting location. ‘The Venue’ on McFarland Road. Let
anyone know about the name change to avoid confusion.
B. Name Badges – There are members that will need to follow up with Membership Officer – Chris
on their name badges. Chris is working on a new idea with the name badges- printing names onto
a generic badge.
C. 120th Anniversary of Harley Bike Tour.
Mark Clifford – Sponsors for this event are Gleeson’s in Lavington. This will be held at Logistics
Centre Barnawartha. 16 Demo Bikes. Book on Gleeson’s Twin City Harley Davidson Website
120th Anniversary Bikes, scroll to choose bike to test ride.
D. 2023-06-20 Committee Meeting Minutes –
Christmas Party: Typo error in the committee meeting Minutes cost to members is $20.00 not
$25.00 stated in the committee minutes. – Further discussion in General business.

5. Correspondence (In and Out):
Clinton Van de Stadt, Secretary –
Correspondence In:
1. Newsletter from Drive Lite – Historic and Classic Vehicles.
2. Historic Vehicles Newsletter July.
3. Gippsland Vehicle Collection, Living in the 70’s display on until the end of October.
4. Distinguished Gentleman’s Drive – Sunday 24th September.
5. Hayley Dixon – Wodonga Council – 2023 Senior Celebrations Oct 1st to Oct 9th.
6. Survey – The Australian Motor Heritage Foundation.
7. NSW Historic Motoring Association – General Meeting in Yass with Bulletin and Treasurers
6. Membership Officer’s Report:
Chris Brosolo, Membership Officer – 228 Total Current Members.
New membership forms available at meetings and on website.
7. New member introductions:
Visitors (possible new members).
Timothy Binyon – Royal Enfield Continental GT. And – Stuart Larkin – V Strom.
8. Treasurer’s Report:
David Lutton, Treasurer – absent.
Read by Clinton van de Stadt – Secretary
Opening Balance $ 21,213.52 Closing Balance $ 21,279.76
Rally Account – Opening Balance $3,750.37 Closing Balance -$4,215.56
NOTE Income & expenditure Spreadsheet available on request
9. Editor/Web Manager’s Report:
Michael Sarroff, Web Manager/Editor
Some of our members have recently experienced some email phishing scams.
This month’s web report will feature – Email and Web safety while online. A brief overview of what
to lookout for and some best practices to keep yourself safe while online.
10. Welfare Officer’s Report:
Michael Yerbury, Welfare Officer –
Sad news, one of our members passed away – Karl Hibbett. 30 June 2023.
Bill Brennan – Undergoing Tests.
Mike visited Graeme and Evelyn Male and Dave Sinclair.

Donate to Life organ week – Register your wishes with organ donation on their website. You can
also update your Medicare card.
Please let Mike know if you know any member is unwell.

11. Ride & Rally Report:
Stewie Mclean, Ride Committee Chair
2/7/23 – Very cold start to the day. Foggy early but blue sky by the time Yack Pies reached.
Onward to lunch at Chiltern. 14 Riders and 5 club plated. Good to see!
Coffee Ride was cancelled. We went to a coffee shop in Lavington instead. 18 in attendance.
16/7/23 – Finally a sunny day after fog lifted. A good turnout of 24 all up including pillions.8 club
plated. Nice ride along the river road, dodging a bit of road kill here and there. A warming coffee
and petrol top up at Jingellic. Onward to Ournie Hall, with a couple of freckle constrictions on some
loose gravel, but everyone was still smiling. A great set up at the hall and special thanks to
Michael, Kym and family for organising the yummy meals.
Next Month – Glen Kempton- Adventure Bike Ride. 6/8/23
Coffee Ride – 9/8/23
Roger McGregor – Coolamon. 20/8/23.
Hammonds BBQ in September.
Club Calendar for next year – Let Stewie know if you would like to have a photo of your bike in the
Ride to Tasmania – November. Contact Stewie if you are interested.
Michael gave a report and slide show of the Ournie Hall Ride. Very interesting and definitely a
place to visit again.
Michael proposed $100.00 towards Ournie Hall seconded. Paul Bullock
Butterball Rally details and entry forms available on website. The accommodation at Big 4 will only
be available for another week. Please make your booking now as they will not hold the rooms for
us much longer.

12. Networking and Outside Clubs:
John Kontista – We are making ourselves known to other clubs. Clubs in our surrounding areas, to
meet other motorcyclists etc. We will report back the contact we receive.
After all Reports are presented, we ask for the motion Acceptance of Reports –
Moved -Roger McGregor Seconded John Kirkby

14. General Business:
Any member willing to present a topic for the club
Butter Ball Rally – Question from Roger McGregor regarding costings ( pillion & sponsors ) – went
on notice for follow-up. Best answered from Chair of Rally Committee – Neil Hillas to address. Neil
has regularly addressed the members at previous meetings about the Butterball and the progress
the Rally Committee has made. Neil was an apology tonight.
Question from Elsie about Butter Ball Rally Tee Shirt sizes – went on notice for follow-up. Best
answered from Chair of Rally Committee – Neil Hillas to address.
Christmas Party – Traditional Christmas Party proposal presented to members as per previous
years. Questions from Roger McGregor regarding costings and subsidies. A suggestion from
Stewie as well. Due to time pressures, the chair called – decision pending to allow further written
proposals in fairness for all members. Please submit your written submissions to the committee so
that we may address them. Passed over to next meeting for final resolution.
Hammonds Traditional BBQ – 10th September 2023. Proposal to finance of meal capped at $200
Proposed by John Kirkby Seconded Mike Yerbury
Bike Calendar – Stewie – Presented the idea of re-doing the Motorcycle Calendar, as per prior
years. Stewie would like to gauge the interest in getting bikes that have not been in the calendar
Kelly has offered to do the photography.

Mike Yerbury – Please do not park in disabled parking area during meetings.
15. Club Regalia:
Kelly Coutts-Smith Meeting Activities Co-ordinator – absent tonight.
Hats: $20; Stubbie Holders: $8; Stickers: $1; Sew on Patches: $10; Machine Badges: $20
NOTE: Embroidery Creations at 426 Wilson St, Albury can provide polo shirts bearing the
AWMEC logo.
16. Guest Speaker / Show and tell:
Dickie Bates – Yamaha Zeal.
17. Q&A Segment: No questions tonight.

18. Whiteboard:
For Sale: All information on the website. Printed copies available.
19. Raffle Draw: Kelly absent – no draw tonight.
Kelly Coutts-Smith Meeting Activities Co-ordinator

20. Lucky Door Prize:
Donated by Lee Botting at ‘The Venue’ ( old name GAAC ), 5 McFarland Road, Wodonga
WINNER – No 23 Raff Gangi.
21. Meeting Close and Next Meeting:
Closed at 9.23pm. Next general meeting 22 August 2023.
Next Meeting: 2023-07-25, Meals, Drinks and Social catchups from 5.30. General Meeting will
start at 7.30 pm, Venue: ‘The Venue’ ( old name GAAC ), 5 McFarland Road, Wodonga