2023-10-01 Neil Hillas – Yack, Beechworth and Eldorado for lunch

1st October 2023 Neil Hillas – Yack, Beechworth and Eldorado for lunch

We were going to do Yack, Beechworth and Eldorado for lunch

However, we have a change of plans.

We are now going to Beechworth via Barny and Chiltern stop for morning tea at the bakery, through to Bridge Road Brewery for lunch.

Be mindful that this weekend is daylight saving change over

Remember that this is now the month of October and the ride starts at 9 am.

NOTE – Club Defibrillator – is currently vacant for this ride.

Please note that the position of Club Defibrillator carrier for this ride is currently open. We are in need of a volunteer who is willing to take on the responsibility of carrying the Club Defibrillator. We invite any club members who are interested in volunteering for this role, provided they are committed to ensuring the equipment’s safety, careful use, and timely return.

If you’re willing to volunteer as the defibrillator carrier for any upcoming rides, please introduce yourself to the Website Editor and the Ride Captain before the event. This will allow us to coordinate the logistics regarding the equipment effectively. Email to editor@awmec.com.au




Rides start at 9.00 am, except for # June, July, August & September which are 10.00am.
These times may be varied to suit route/conditions.
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