2023-11-28 Minutes of General Meeting

General Meeting – Albury Wodonga Motorcycle Enthusiasts Club (Inc)

Minutes of Meeting

Date: 2023-11-28 Time: 7.30 pm (meals available from 5.30pm)

Venue : ‘The Venue’ ( old name GAAC ), 5 McFarland Road, Wodonga

  1. Welcome & Attendees:         90 Members     7 visitors.
    Michael opened meeting 7.30pm.   

Presidents Address – (Michael Sarroff) included news about Marc Marques, Burt Munro inducted into Sturgess Hall of Fame and Michael’s ingenious Chicken Coup!  

  1. Apologies:
    Ray Matheson, Kevin Corneliuson, Terry Gay, David Shepherd, Chris Brosolo, David Johnston, David Lockley, Len Fish, Mark Wilson, Craig Wilson, Ross Reilly, Malcolm Anderson, Tony Ryan, Mike Yerbury.
  2. Previous Minutes:
    Minutes of the General Meeting dated 2023-10-24 as circulated via email & posted to the website.

MotionAfter this report, we ask for the motion of acceptance

– Moved by Joanne Sarroff – Seconded Phil Stuckey  


  1. Business Arising from Previous Minutes:

Neil Hillas – Members are encouraged to use the Butterball Feedback form, on the website. The feedback will be greatly appreciated to help us with future upcoming Rallies and other events, meetings and rides. It can help us improve and meet expectations of members. 

  1. Correspondence (In and Out):  Clinton Van de Stadt, Secretary 

Correspondence In: 

  1. Gippsland Vehicle Collection: Starts 12 Nov 2023 until late February.
  2. Drive magazine Spring Edition.
  3. Leeton Centre Motel – Reopened- (02 6955 9221) – admin@leetoncentremotel.com.au
  4. Email from Jack Riches possible new member.
  5. David Lutton – Figures from Butterball Rally.
  6. Malcolm Anderson – Apologies. 
  7. Insurance Policy from Marsh Advantage Insurance for 31/10/23 to 31/10/24.
  8. Minutes of General Meeting NSW Historic Association.

Motion – After this report, we ask for the motion of acceptance.

– Moved by: Sam Trabant ,  Seconded: John Kirkby – ALL IN FAVOUR.      CARRIED.

  1. Membership Officer’s Report:
    Chris Brosolo, Membership Officer.  Absent – No Report available 

Note:- We need to be mindful that membership renewals are now due. We have tonight’s meeting to make cash payments for our membership renewals. The current AWMEC one-off joining fee is $40 and annual Membership renewal is $40 (per calendar year to December 31st).

Note:- For new members joining from October each year the $40 annual membership fee includes the remainder of the current year plus the next calendar year.

2 New members tonight.

  1. New member introductions:
    Welcome to new members – 

Leslie Yeaman

Mark Younger

As an enquiring guest – Karen Kubich

  1. Treasurer’s Report:
    David Lutton, Treasurer

Operating Account

(End October)

 Opening Bal: $ 21,710.45,   Income: $5,057.00- Expenses $453.00- Closing Bal: $26,314.45

(End November)

 Opening Bal: $ 26,314.45,   Income: $3,680.00- Expenses $2,290.57- Closing Bal: $27,688.88

Rally Account 

 Opening Bal:  $3,750.37, Income $4,686.14- Expenses: $3,349.82- Closing Bal: $5,086.69 

Profit $1336.32       ( profit minus Sponsors $453.68)

NOTE Income & expenditure Spreadsheet available on request.

Motion – After this report, we ask for the motion of acceptance.

– Moved by Graeme Male – Seconded Russell Cole


  1. Editor/Web Manager’s Report:
    Michael Sarroff, Web Manager/Editor – 
  2. Michael’s monthly report of our website.
  3. Informative 5 Safety Tips.
  4. Defib Web-page with information. Plus Ride notices have info on Defib availability asking for members willing to carry defibrillator and first aid kit on Rides, please let Michael know if you are willing to volunteer.

Graeme Male has kindly donated saddle bags so they can fit easily onto bikes.

  1. Welfare Officer’s Report:
    Michael Yerbury, Welfare Officer – Absent – No Report tonight.

Graeme Male – Paul Birch – Not well. Anyone who knows him please drop in or give him a call.

  1. Ride & Rally Report:
    Stewie Mclean, Ride Committee Chair – 
  2. Stewie – Jindabyne Over-nighter 29/10/23
    On this ride we need to thank Graeme M. for carrying the Defib/First Aid kit.

20 Bikes 4 club plated. Two days of great weather. No breakdowns or incidents. Very Enjoyable.

  1. Stewie – Midweek coffee ride 8/11/23
    On this ride we need to thank David B. for carrying the Defib/First Aid kit.

16 Bikes 6 Club plated. Short Ride to Morven pub. Great Ride out.

  1. Stewie – Sunday Ride 19/11/23
    17 starters, 10 Club plated. Morning tea in Granya, onward over the Gap and down Yabba Rd to Eskdale Pub for lunch alfresco. Good Pub Meals! (Don joining us here).  Finished with 20 Bikes. Great day out!
  2. Adventure Ride  ( Led by Glen Kimpton)– John Mc Innes- Travelled through Bethanga, Coffee at Tallangatta, Koetong, across Jingellic for lunch.  
  3. Stewie announces the New Ride Calendar will be out soon.
  4. We need to thank the members that have volunteered to carry the Defib and First Aid kit on our recent rides. A thank you goes to;-. 

Jindabyne – Graeme Male 

Morven – David B. 

Adventure Ride – David B. 


  1. Upcoming Rides-

    3rd December 2023 – Tony Ryan – Tumbarumba for Lunch via Tooma
    WILLIAM FREW will be carrying Defib/First Aid Kit.

    6th December 2023 – Stewie – Midweek coffee ride – Koetong Hotel
    DAVID BARSON will be carrying Defib/First Aid Kit.

Stewie Mclean:

Defib – to be carried at the rear of the ride pack. 

  1. Club Calendar – This is progressing. 33 Bikes in photos.  Stewie presented a participation voucher for the bikes in the Calendar ( Lincoln – Food + Drink $80.00) – randomly chosen by SIRI  – Winner Peter Leddin. – Also handed out some free drink cards from the Lincoln 
  2. Networking and Outside Clubs:
    Elsie, Networking Committee Chair – Nothing to Report tonight.

Rex Beard – New – Café 62 Degrees  in Tallangatta opening in the New Year will have a display of Motorbikes. 

  1. General Business:
  2. 🎉 Join Us for a Joyful Christmas Party Lunch! 🎅

Get ready to spread some holiday cheer because it’s time to reserve your spot for our fantastic Christmas Social Lunch!

📅 Date: Sunday, December 10th 2023

🕛 Time: 12:00 PM

We cordially invite all of our cherished members to be a part of this merry celebration. Your presence will make our Christmas gathering truly special.

To ensure we can cater to everyone’s needs flawlessly, we kindly request bookings and pre-payment. This helps us secure the perfect arrangements at ‘The Venue’ on McFarland Road Wodonga.

Here are the details:

💲 Menu per head: $35

💰 AWMEC subsidizes $15 per head for each member and their +1.

Hence, we kindly ask for a payment of:

$20 per member

$20 per +1 if you plan to bring a guest.

Booking your spot is easy:

📝 You can make reservations at our Club Meetings.

📧 Or, simply reach out to Graeme Male via mobile 0428584683 or email female10@bigpond.com

Please remember: Payment is crucial to confirm your spot and assist us in finalizing the catering arrangements at ‘The Venue’ on McFarland Road Wodonga.

Payments can be made via:

💳 Depositing into the Club Account Hume Bank  BSB: 640 000 Account no: 111223838

💵 Cash payments to the Treasurer at our Members’ Meetings

Don’t forget to include your Surname and First Name when making deposits, and make sure your booking is recorded at a club meeting or with Graeme Male.

Let’s come together to make this Christmas Party Lunch a delightful and memorable occasion. We can’t wait to celebrate with you!


  1. Michael – AWMEC Annual Club Donation program. We have received a letter from AWAR asking for a donation. I invite other members to source and make available before January 1st any other group that would be an ideal candidate for receiving a donation from our club. Our club policy for donations is;-


  1. The Albury Wodonga Motorcycle Enthusiasts Club (AWMEC) will generally set aside a maximum of $2,000.00 per annum for the purpose of making charitable donations. At its discretion and within the bounds of prudent financial management, the Management Committee may recommend donating a larger amount in a given year in the event of exceptional circumstances. 
  2. The source of funds used for donations will generally be net profit derived from AWMEC events and fundraising activities however the Management Committee may nominate to use funds from the Clubs consolidated revenue if financially prudent and supported by members. 
  3. Members, organisations or individuals may approach the Management Committee seeking a donation or nominating a donation recipient. Any donation request should be supported by a written proposal providing brief background on the recipient, purpose for which the donation would be used, why this donation is necessary and the amount being requested.
  4. The AWMEC Management Committee will assess each request on its merits. The decision to accept or decline a request, and the amount to be donated will be at the discretion of the Management Committee.
  5. Should the Management Committee decide that a donation is appropriate, a recommendation will be put to a vote of AWMEC members, normally at a general meeting. 

On receiving the letters, the Management Committee will compile, take weight and will present to members for vote at the January Members Meeting. On resolution, we will invite the receiving group to attend our February Meeting for presentation of the donation.

Sandy Van De Stadt (member no 78 ) – I nominate AWAR, Albury Wodonga Animal Rescue for donation.

Rae Smith and her volunteers (all unpaid) run the Rescue with no government funding, no petrol allowance or phone allowances. Rescue pays a rent of $1500.00 a month, food, vets fees, vaccinations, dental or desexing if needed to give the animals the best chance of being rehomed. They are always looking for foster carers for dogs. Things are very difficult, at the moment with the cost of living. Any donation would be appreciated.   


  1. Stewie – General Business requested by Stewie regarding Awareness about ride participation within the club.

There is an annual trophy for the year – club plated member who has been on the most rides in the year. There is a record book kept and each ride is entered for compliance reasons, it is obvious that out of 240 members there is an average of 60 members that attend rides regularly.

Stewie’s comment is “I think there should be more people going on rides, we need to look and see if this can be improved. It is good to see the turn out of members tonight and I would like to see this support on the rides.”

There are approx. 20 Sunday rides and 10 weekday rides therefore 30 rides for the year and I would like to see more people attending rides. I would like to ask management to have a look into this and see what can be done about getting people into riding and attending more rides.

At the moment, to be compliant, you have to attend 2 events – rides or meetings. 

 “ I would like to see that this is only 2 rides or trips – not meetings  and put the emphasis on that we are a motorbike club”. 

Paul can tell us the amount of people that have classic bikes. 

Paul Bullock:  – with NSW and VIC at a general estimate there is about 250 club plated bike – I am not exactly sure.

Michael Sarroff – round of comments from the floor .

Doug Cowie – we are not all retired , I cannot make the rides , I am free 1 day a week and do not have the time. Also – my bike is very slow, and I cannot ride with the quicker bikes.

Stewie – there are 30 rides in the year, and I would like to see members attend a couple of rides in the year.

Sam Trabant:  I have regular things I do on the weekend and cannot attend – I work so weekday rides are out. Suggest that we do Sunday arvo or Saturday rides. Maybe this will help some people. 

Kath Hammond –   Input  – more designated rides for – Post War bikes, pre-sixties bikes, so that we do not keep everyone waiting. 

Stewie: we tried having rides for old bikes and it was not well attended .

Peter Dwyer: like to see more communication – it is happening with the new committee. The club is about getting together, and I would like to attend more rides. 

Paul Bullock: Since Logbooks come into play the whole dynamics of rides have changed – you can go out for sixty days on your own for ride. Prior to logbooks – it had to be a club event and you could use you club plated bike for this. 

Due to these dynamics changing, we need to adapt and learn to live with that – and with this change – these discussions tonight have come under the spotlight. 


  1. Don – Travelling through Yass, found a motorbike shop that was originally from Canberra. British, Japanese and American parts – Peter Dunster-  P & P Vintage –  32 Comur Street Yass. Michael will list this business on the Members Resource Section on the website.


Motion After this, we ask for the motion of approval.

– Moved by Sam Trabant – Seconded Doug Cowie


  1. Club Regalia:
    Kelly Coutts-Smith Meeting Activities Co-ordinator –

Hats: $20; Stubbie Holders: $8; Stickers: $1; Sew on Patches: $10; Machine Badges: $20

NOTE: Embroidery Creations at 426 Wilson St, Albury can provide polo shirts bearing the AWMEC 


  1. Guest Speaker / Show and Tell:
    Kelly Coutts-Smith Meeting Activities Co-ordinator –
  2. Roger McGregor – Engineering Pattern Making. Very Interesting. Thank you Roger. – Meal Voucher Issued to Roger for his presentation.

Upcoming Guest Speakers; –
Kelly Coutts-Smith Meeting Activities Co-ordinator – Please see Kelly to add your name to the list

January – Mark Sice
February – much needed item of interest.
March – much needed item of interest.
April – much needed item of interest.

  1. Q&A Segment:
    No Q&A tonight. 
  2. Whiteboard:
    NOTE whiteboard items are up-to-date and listed on the Club website.
  3. Raffle Draw:
    Kelly Coutts-Smith Meeting Activities Co-ordinator 

Secretary and Treasurer have collected the funds, tonight’s Raffle has Raised $ 345.00          

Prize winners:
1st – Leslie Yeaman – Meal Voucher and 2 Bottles of Wine
2nd – Leslie Yeaman – Club Regalia and Chocolates.
3rd – Greg Fawcet – Selection of Mixed Drinks

  1. Lucky Door Prize:
    Donated by Lee Botting at ‘The Venue’ (old name GAAC ), 5 McFarland Road, Wodonga

Siri conducts a random number – the attendance winner is: No 26 CRAIG WILLIAMS.

  1. Meeting Close and Next Meeting:

Note next meeting is the last meeting for the year, as we do not have a December Meeting.

MEMBERSHIP RENEWALS ARE DUE AND MUST BE PAID PRIOR THE END OF DECEMBER AT THE LATEST. No payment means you will have no insurance and no rego.

Closed at the time of: 9.45PM.

Next Meeting: 2024-01-23 

Meals, Drinks and Social catch- ups from 5.30. General Meeting will start at 7.30 pm, Venue: ‘The Venue’ ( old name GAAC ), 5 McFarland Road, Wodonga