THE THRILLS ARE BACK! – MotoGP 23 ( Video Game )

Brake later and accelerate earlier. That’s the advice a seasoned rider imparts from next to me in the stands while we watch the MotoGP pack warm up. I’m in the sport’s heartland, Mugello. Undulating its way across the Tuscan hills and relinquishing into a straight that lets the bikes hit 227mph, it’s a fearsome set of corners just to look at, let alone get your knee down on. I try to imagine turning my survival instincts and convincing myself to brake later into turn 1, San Donato.

MotoGP 23 the video Game was released on 8th June 2023 – WEBSITE HERE…

Then I remember every time I hit the brakes during my first few hours with MotoGP 23. The hovering rear tire. The greasy squiggle of rubber my bike leaves in protest when I try to tip it in towards the apex. The crashes. All the horrific bloody crashes. Brake later and accelerate earlier. Nah. I’m alright mate, thanks.



Anyone with half an eye on bikes will be floored by the riding model in this game, and the obvious passion it recreates the sport with. Turn on those neural aids, spend some time in the MotoGP Academy to learn the basics of its handling model, then gradually turn them off and enjoy the best riding sim anyone’s built to date.

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