2021-04-25 Anzac Day Poker Run – Ride Report

25th April 2021 Anzac Day Poker Run – Fundraiser for Legacy

What a great day to fundraise for Albury Legacy.

A Total amount of $11,500 !! – Amazing efforts by all involved. The organizers ‘Party Unlimited” have been hosting the Anzac Day Poker Run for many years now and during this time the amount of money raised exceeds $150,000. The whole sum of this money goes towards Albury Legacy to support our local family’s in need.

Here is a video of the presentation to Legacy.


There was a huge turn out of bike for the day. It was estimated to be around 250 bikes of many sorts and types. ( The majority were Harleys) Please view the slide show of photos…

  • IMG_2614
  • IMG_2613
  • IMG_2612
  • IMG_2611
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  • IMG_2567
  • IMG_2566
  • IMG_2565

You would be pleased to know AWMEC was represented by 8 of our members riding on the day. With Neil taking out the oldest bike award!

The route of the ride started at Noriel Park in Albury where we traveled via South Albury to the Freeway. From the Freeway we traveled north up to Holbrook. The first stop was at the Holbrook Pub.

The next leg took us along the Holbrook to Culcairn road were the next stop was at the Culcairn Pub. The Culcairn Pub offered a BBQ for Lunch.

From the Culcairn Pub we headed West again and a south turn to go pass the Morgan Look-out. Many many bumps and potholes to be found along here. Traveled south and found our next stop at Jindera Pub. Another round of Poker Card collected before we headed out of Jindera to travel north up to Gerogery Pub – but not stopping – a quick right hand turn to head south back to the Freeway and just pass the over-cameras with a left turn into Ettamogah Pub for the final stop and the presentations/awards.

We look forward to next years Anzac Day Poker Run and encourage many more members to take part in the fundraiser.

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