Albury Wodonga Motorcycle Enthusiasts Club Inc.


The Albury Wodonga Motorcycle Enthusiasts Club is made of motorcycle enthusiasts who enjoy social get togethers, group rides and other organised events throughout the year. You can find more about our upcoming events, membership or news on this website.

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Next upcoming Ride

We have many rides coming up. Please consider joining in with us.
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Next upcoming Meeting

Next upcoming Meeting

Meetings are held at the all-new name ‘The Venue’ on McFarland Road. New and Old Members are encouraged to attend.
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Upcoming Featured News

NSW RMS Registration

Our club is licenced and able to provide our members conditional registration for NSW motorcycles.
( AKA NSW Club Plates)

VIC Roads Registration

Our club is licensed and able to provide our members conditional registration for VIC motorcycles.
( AKA VIC Club Plates)

Strong Support

We are a strong community of like minded enthusiast that can provide help with restoration and preservation of motorcycles.


We arrange regular rides & encourage all to attend and participate.
Wednesday Coffee Run & Sunday Outings.

Display and Show

We often like to display a wide selection of the Classics and Historic Motorcycles owned by our enthusiasts.

Make Friends

We have many amazing members and enthusiasts looking to make new friendship and help offer each other support.

Meetings - Events - Rides - BBQs

Being a Motorcycle Enthusiasts club, the club is open to ALL motorcycle enthusiasts, regardless of whether you have a veteran, vintage, classic or modern motorcycle.

We look forward to meeting you.

For Sale at AWMEC

For Sale at AWMEC

Visit our For Sale Page to view some great deals.
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Wanted to Buy at AWMEC

Wanted to buy at AWMEC

Visit our Wanted to Buy Page just incase you have a great deal.
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Ride Participation Leaderboard

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Embark on a journey of camaraderie with our Club Rides! Throughout the year, our dynamic leaderboard tracks member ride attendance, spotlighting the most dedicated individuals. Join the ranks of our committed community, where every ride contributes to the heartbeat of our club. Let the leaderboard inspire you as we pedal together towards new horizons and create unforgettable memories on the road!

For every ride you participate in, you earn a ticket into the End-of-the-Year sponsored raffle. The more rides the more tickets and the greater the chance of winning the Quantum Print Services – $250 Fuel Voucher.

166John M9
19Mark L8
16Neil H7
326Neil S7
315David B7
177Stewie M7
343Neville D6
344Peter T6
167John B6
14Terry G6
179Warwick B6
281Michael S5
63Phillip G5
76Tony R5
27Wayne P5
25Alan M4
242Chris B4
283Tony H4
347Geoffrey P4
201Don S4
96Ramon C3
165Tony S3
355Ray W3
50David M3
31George S2
298Ron D2
337Manuel P2
13Doug F2
277David R2
335Joanne S2
140Christopher B2
54Michael Y2
317Peter M2
307Francis (2
24Stephen M2
299Ross E2
126Chris J2
178Glenn K2
89James B2
90Michael J2
212Mark C2
206Glenn W2
342Howard S2
323Christopher P2
29Russell P2
256Walter S1
112Elsie R1
188Daryl C1
85Ray P1
51Maurice T1
358Mark O1
10Greg F1
353Stuart L1
78Sandy V1
115Troy S1
309Wayne E1
356Colin L1
333Rex B1
361Michael M1
248Peter F1
74Maxwell B1
312Matthew G1
15Adam G1
271Pete M1
1Phillip S1
35Clinton V1
2Paul B1
292Craig W1
34Sam T1
325Arthur H1
18Leo K1
205Russell C1
278Alexander J1
221Dickie B1
5Lorne C1
44Andrew d1
40Bruce P1
360Darren C1
30Ian R1
297Glenn W1


Would you like to be part of the Albury Wodonga Motorcycle Enthusiasts Club? We would be happy to hear from you. Get in touch today.