AWMEC Membership

The AWMEC is a social club and membership is open to anyone interested in motorcycles 16 years and over who agrees to abide by the Clubs purpose and rules. Your interest could be in certain areas, makes or styles of motorcycles or you may just want to ride whatever bike you have. You don’t have to own a motorcycle to join.

The current AWMEC one-off joining fee is $40 and annual Membership is $40 (per calendar year January 1st to December 31st). For new members joining from October each year the $40 annual membership fee includes the remainder of the current year plus the next calendar year.

To join AWMEC you need to attend a general meeting and give your fully completed Application for Membership Form (download from the link on this page) and required fees to the Club’s Membership Officer or in their absence, the Treasurer or Secretary. You will also need an endorsement from a Current Financial Member of the club on your Application for Membership Form.

If the Committee approves your Application for Membership, you will be issued with a club membership card at your next attended Members Meeting.

We ask all new members at this meeting to raise and give the members a brief introduction to who you are and the motorcycle you may have.

Membership Entitlement -

Membership entitles you to access the conditional club registration privileges of the NSW or Victoria schemes. It should be noted that the Club is responsible for ensuring that AWMEC members accessing club plates with either Vic Roads or RMS (NSW) comply with the rules and requirements of each authority and the Clubs authorization with either body may be jeopardised by members breaching the rules. Consequently breaching of these rules by Club members cannot not be tolerated.


Membership Forms -

Membership requires certain forms to be correctly filled out and presented to the club along with payment.

Please feel free to download any of these PDF forms.


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