Vic Roads CPS Rules and Requirements


CLUB PERMIT SCHEME (CPS) effective 1/1/2020

These AWMEC rules are based on the Vic Roads CPS requirements

  1. Members must be an eligible, financial member of the Club,
  2. Members with vehicles on CPS/HCRS schemes through the Club must provide the following information to the Club’s Bike Register Officer for each vehicle they have on the CPS/HCRS;
    1. Make
    2. Model and capacity
    3. Year of manufacture
    4. Scheme under which it is registered (Vic or NSW)
    5. Registration number
    6. Registration expiry date
    7. Modifications made to the vehicle if any, other than standard accessories or modifications for the period of the machine or routine safety modifications
    8. The date of the most recent inspection of the vehicle by the clubs Permits Officer (Vic) or Scrutineer/Machine Examiner (NSW)
    9. Garaging address of the vehicle
  3. The Bike Register Officer must be advised of any changes to any of the above information within 14 days of the change.
  4. Members with vehicles registered under the NSW RMS HCRS must abide by the Clubs Rules for that scheme as defined in Appendix 1. of the Clubs Constitution.
  5. Members with vehicles registered under the VicRoads CPS must abide by the following requirements;
    1. The vehicle must be 25 years or older from year of manufacture,
    2. New vehicle registrations require a certificate of roadworthiness prior to Club endorsement by the Clubs Vic Roads Permits Officer,
    3. New vehicle registrations require photographs of both sides and the rear of the motorcycle to be held on the club vehicle register (taken by the Club Permits Officer),
    4. Any changes to the vehicle as per items in subrule 3) must be notified to the Bike Register Officer and VicRoads within 14 days of the change being made,
    5. The Club must promptly notify members of suspected safety issues or non-compliance with the Vehicle Standards and/or modification guidelines and require that these issues are rectified within 14 days. If the issues are not resolved by the member within 14 days, the Club must notify VicRoads.
    6. The member acknowledges and agrees that the Club is obliged to inform VicRoads should it become aware of the following breaches by a Club member;
      1. A pattern of incorrect use of a club permit log book.
      2. A club permit vehicle operated by a Club member is not an eligible vehicle.
      3. A Club member ceases to be a financial member of the Club.
      4. A Club vehicle is suspected of being used for commercial gain.
      5. A Club member has failed to restore a vehicle to safe condition or has failed to prove compliance with Vehicle Standards and/or appropriate modification guidelines following notification from the Club under paragraph e. in accordance with the terms of that notification.
      6. A vehicle operated by a Club member under a club permit has been sold or otherwise disposed of and the club permit log book and club permit were not destroyed on disposal as required by the Road Safety (Vehicles) Regulations 2009 and/or the club permit plates were not removed.
      7. A vehicle operated by a Club member under a club permit has been disposed of with the intention of undermining the club permit scheme (for example a club permit vehicle has been sold to a “friend” so that a new log book can be obtained, but the previous owner continues to utilise the vehicle).


  1. You must be a current financial member of the AWMEC.
  2. Motorcycles manufactured after 1948 will require a current Victorian ‘certificate of roadworthiness’ obtained from an authorised inspection centre (Motorcycles pre 1948 can be examined by the Clubs Vic Roads Permits Officer who will complete the clubs document of authorisation)
  3. Once you have a certificate of roadworthiness, take the certificate, your current AWMEC membership card & your bike to the Clubs Permits Officer (after making an appointment) to complete Vic Roads Vehicle Eligibility and Standards Declaration form (VESD) declaring that the vehicle is eligible, safe for use on the road & that it meets the applicable requirements for the category of vehicle for which the club permit is sought.
  4. The Clubs Permits Officer is also required to take three digital, dated photos of the bike showing both sides & the rear. These photos are to be kept on the clubs records
  5. Motorcycles manufactured after 30 June 1975 which do not have a previous Australian registration history’ must have a VASS approval certificate to demonstrate that the vehicle meets the Australian Design Rules that applied at the time the vehicle was manufactured.
  6. Take the completed certificate of roadworthiness, VESD form & proof of ownership of the vehicle to the Vic Roads office.
  7. Once the club permit is received, advise the Clubs Bike Register Officer of the details on the Club Bike Details Register Form.

For more details go to Vic Roads web site


  1. You must be a current financial member of the AWMEC
  2. You need a letter from the AWMEC Secretary stating that you are a current financial member of the club
  3. You need to write a letter addressed to Vic Roads stating that you wish to transfer you bike/s club permits (give details) to the AWMEC
  4. You need to get a VESD form for each bike (see step 3 in obtaining initial permit) completed by the AWMEC Vic Roads Permits Officer (make an appointment). The Permits Officer will need to take three photos of the bike for the Clubs records if the bike was first registered after January 2015.
  5. Take the above documents to a Vic Roads office to have your permit/s transferred.
  6. Once your permits have been transferred to the AWMEC, complete the Clubs Bike Details Register Form & return it to the Club’s Bike Register Officer.

For more information go to the Vic Roads web site