2021-05-25 Minutes of General Meeting


Incorporated 2015 (Vic) Cert No. A0091002P ABN 36 359 421 929 

PO Box 1400, Albury NSW 2640 www.AWMEC.com.au 

Committee Meeting – Albury Wodonga Motorcycle Enthusiasts Club (Inc) Date 25 May 2021 

Venue Wodonga RSL Club 

Meeting opened by President Phil Stuckey at 8:01PM. 

Phil welcomed members & guests and especially thanked those who responded to have a pre  meeting meal at the RSL, 30 AWMEC members & gusts had meals tonight is very much  appreciated by the RSL  

  1. Attendees

Members: 47 Visitors: 7 

  1. Apologies

Roger McGregor, Kevin Corneliusen, Peter Phegan, Chris Brosolo, John Nowacki, Mark  Lennon, Paul Hare, David Johnston, Michael Johnston, John McInnes, Dexter Cobbin,  Maugan Redden, Trevor Coverdale, Mike Yerbury 

  1. Previous Minutes

Minutes of the previous Committee Meeting of 27 April 2021 were read. 

Moved: Sam Trabant Seconded: Raffaele Gangi 

  1. Business Arising from Previous Minutes
  2. Voting on Col Broster’s request to have the minutes read at meetings:

Member Col Broster moved – Seconded: Phil Stuckey 

– Not Carried 

– Agreed instead to print 6 hard copies of previous months general meeting  minutes for membership to pick up and read at the meetings. 

  1. Paul Bullock spoke of NSW and VIC registration requirements and club membership Maintain membership of the club to keep your registration current. This will require a  complete new registration process 
  2. Correspondence (In and Out)




  1. Membership Officer’s Report: Glenn Kimpton, Membership Officer 

Started with 201 members 1 new member tonight 

202 members overall 

  1. New member introductions:

Danny Chamberlain introduced himself and fessed up to owning a Honda 8. Treasurer’s Report: David Lutton, Treasurer 

AS at 30/4/2021 – Opening Balance $20,054.23 Closing Balance $19,663.83 

David also provided income & expenditure for the month 

Moved: David Lutton Seconded: Neil Hillas 


  1. Editor/Web Manager’s Report: Michael Sarroff, Web Manager & Editor 

Michael gave an interesting summary of what devices have been accessing the web site &  which pages were most commonly accessed. Michael is still looking for contributions &  items from members to put onto the web site. 

10.Welfare Officer’s Report: Mike Yerbury, Welfare Officer 

Mike away this month so no report 

11.Ride & Rally Report; Stewie McLean, Ride Committee 

  • 13 bikes, 5 plated – Hawkins look out, Walla 
  • Kancoban ride 8 bikes, 3 plated 
  • Distinguished Gentleman’s rides – non attendance 
  • Roy and Kay Whitehouse had their 60th wedding anniversary 
  • Winton ride on Sunday, report on the website 
  • Doug Cowie – Alexandra vintage club ride – well attended good times had. 

12.General Business 

  • Phil Stuckey announced his acceptance of the President’s role leaving a vacancy for  the position of Vice President. Under our constitution the Management Committee is  responsible for filling casual vacancies on the Committee. We are pleased that two  members to date have expressed interest in the VP position, to be determined at the  next Committee meeting. 
  • Michael Sarroff read a proposal for a stimulus plan for meals – possible options could  be for: best suggestion in suggestion box, prize in raffle, given to guest speaker,  randomly drawn member/s were some of Michael’s suggestions. – membership showed  solid support for this proposal so committee will refine details at its next meeting 
  • Secretary to provide a suggestion box for members to make suggestions for future  activities and or direction of the club. 
  • Stewie was presented with the clubman of the year trophy.

13.Club Regalia 

Hats: $20 Stubbie Holders: $8 Stickers: $1 Sew on Patches: $10  Machine Badges: $20 

NOTE: Embroidery Creations at 426 Wilson St, Albury can provide polo shirts bearing the AWMEC logo. 

14.Guest Speaker / Show and tell: 

Fred King resented & spoke about his Ner-a-car. 

Terry Gay presented & spoke to his racing outfit. 

Members wishing to present a project bike or guest speaker at a club meeting should contact Kelly Coutts-Smith (0458  179 411) to arrange a presentation time. Text is the best way to contact Kelly as she is not always able to take phone  calls during the day due to work. Email is also ok – Kelly’s email is kcoutts-smith@hotmail.com 

15.Whiteboard: (Sponsored by Flack Engineering) 

Missing in action 

For Sale: 

  • Honda 90 ag bike G.C. $750, Moto Guzzi Le Mans mk 4 73,689km G.C. $10,500,  Yamaha 80cc Road Bike 11,572 mls $750 – contact Paul Hare 0438 265 433 1984 Kawasaki 750 GT $4,000 – contact Dave 0412 148 469 
  • Moto Guzzi 1968 V7 700 $21,500 – contact Terry 0408 625 985 
  • Torque jacket with lining GTOF $80 – contact Bill 0458 294 237 


  • Yamaha TT350 pre 1990 for NSW plates – contact Adrian 0438 281 721 GPZ 900 fuel tank – contact Geoff 0400 926 278 

16.Raffle Draw: 

Grossed: $229.00 

First – Stewie McLean, wine 

Second – Raff Gangi, Spanner set metric 

Third – Peter Coulston, spanner set 

Fourth – David Sinclair, Plonk 

17.Meeting Close and Next Meeting 

Closed 9:58 PM  

Next meeting 22 June 2021, 8pm RSL club Wodonga.