2023-04-16 Michael’s Short Ride Jindera, Howlong Barnawatha

Ride out into the unknown!

A short report by member Ray Waring
The omens were not good-tail end of a cyclone, not too many brave (or foolish) souls and much, much moisture!
How wrong can you be!
A good briefing, a little blast of air to a rear tyre (no names!) and we were off. Out came the sunshine, down came the rain, out came the sunshine down came the rain…………
The welcome sight of the the first stop at Jindera Pioneer Centre
As we dismounted the rain eased, “out came the sunshine and (nearly) dried up all the rain!”.
The 5 machines(H-D, Norton and 3 assorted Yamahas) dripped gently in the sun-as did the 2  couples and 3 solo riders!
We had a warm welcome and we’re quickly ushered to the rear of the building to continue dripping!
Our refreshment were of the highest order and for one rider the Devon Cream Tea was particularly welcome.
As the attached photos show it’s a great place to visit with a fascinating history.
Having said our “goodbyes” of we headed into the near-impenetrable cloud and rain!
Dashing, dodging and splashing our way across country we eventually arrived at our lunchtime stop – Barnawatha.
This pub had suffered a major fire and is now under new ownership and has been totally rebuilt.
We had good food and good service! End of story-not quite!
Despite the very best efforts of Max the Norton owner, Michael and his wife (Joanne) to explain the meaning of a well known Australian phrase yours truly (A) couldn’t understand the language and (B) couldn’t understand the meaning!
With much hilarity the patient team explained the meaning – the continuing rain subsequently erased it from memory!
The final incident was a case of mistaken identity when a local couple quietly eating their Sunday roast were accused of being a motorbike mechanic and his wife-they were very puzzled by this and left soon after!
As we headed home our plucky Norton showed us a short cut (local traffic only) which took us on Great long straight local road to the Interchange on the Freeway!
Thanks to Michael and the crew for making this UK visitor most welcome!