2021-02-18 Minutes of Committee Meeting

Committee Meeting – Albury Wodonga Motorcycle Enthusiasts Club (Inc) 

Date 18 February 2021 

Venue Boardroom – Kooka Brothas Pty Ltd. Maloney Drive, Wodonga 

Meeting opened by President Steve Short at 6.32PM. 

(Agenda items were addressed in order of priority due to available time). 

  1. Attendees

Steve Short (President), Phil Stuckey (Vice President and Rules Officer), Glenn Kimpton  (Membership Officer), Paul Bullock (RMS/VicRoads Liaison and Vehicle Register), Malcolm  Anderson (Secretary and Minute Taker), Mike Yerbury (Welfare Officer), Dave Lutton (Treasurer),  George Stahl (Web Manager),  

  1. Apologies


  1. Previous Minutes

Minutes of the previous Committee Meeting of 16 November 2020 were taken as read. 

  1. Business Arising from Previous Minutes

Club policies and development of a policy document were an agenda item for this meeting. 

  1. AGM Review of Roles and Positions/ AGM Agenda and Notification

Documents setting out the Committee roles and positions and agenda for the 2021 AGM were  tabled. Apart from the date these were unchanged from 2020.

Paul Bullock moved the documents be accepted. 

Seconded by Steve Short. 


  1. Participation Requirements for Recent New Members

COVID 19 restrictions prevented the club conducting regular monthly meetings during 2020. New  members who joined during the year were required to attend the next membership meeting, when  it could be run, to introduce themselves. This was a requirement of membership. A number have  not done so.  

In relation to those members Phil Stuckey moved – 

. Gary Hutton wrote to Steve Short explaining he is a long distance truck driver. His work  commitments mean he has difficulty attending meetings. The Committee noted his  correspondence and the fact he attended a club ride. The Committee agreed to accept his  explanation.  

. Bronson Thornbur and Duncan McLarty are not presently financial members. Each will have to  re-join if they wish to be part of the club. 

. Ross Reilly and Tod Donohue will have to attend the February 2021 membership meeting.  Steve Short is to contact both to discuss their attendance. If these members do not attend, and do  not have an acceptable reason, their membership will cease. 

Seconded by Mike Yerbury 


Paul Bullock is to check the vehicle register to establish if any of the above have club plated bikes  registered through the club and advise the Committee accordingly. 

  1. Club Website and Chook Chook Proposal

George Stahl, Steve Short and Phil Stuckey recently met with Peter Cardemone to discuss the  requirements the club has in respect of a website. 

Part of Peter’s business is the provision and maintenance of websites. He has asked that his  business name appear on the club website if he is engaged to build it. 

Peter’s quote and associated service agreement/contract were tabled. Amount quoted is $980.00.  

Phil noted Peter uses WordPress which is easier to maintain. The new website can be up and  running within two weeks of the contract being signed and payment of the deposit.  

Phil suggested the new website can mirror the SR 500 club website but with AWMEC content.

George confirmed Joe Calvert, who is no longer in a position to provide website services to the  club, will pass the content of the old website to Peter. Joe will issue a final invoice to the club. 

George Stahl moved that – 

. Joe Calvert be paid the amount of his final invoice when it is issued 

. The Committee accept the quote from Peter Cardemone and Chook Chook become the new  website provider for the AWMEC. 

Seconded Steve Short 


Following acceptance of the motion Steve will sign and email a copy of the contract to Peter at  Chook Chook on behalf of the Management Committee. 

  1. Graeme Male’s Request re Christmas Party Gifts

At the January AWMEC membership meeting Graeme Male proposed the Event Organising  Committee be provided with a pre-approved $1,000 kitty for the purchase of gifts for members at  events such as the annual Christmas party. The approved amount was intended to be indefinite.  As the motion conflicted with the Clubs constitution it was withdrawn and the matter referred to the  Management Committee for consideration. 


Phil Stuckey supported the principle of returning money to members through subsidising club  activities or gifts. He noted pre-approval of expenditure of club monies is inconsistent with the  club constitution and authorisation should be considered by the Management Committee on a  

case by case basis. Further, items such as wine and chocolates, as are distributed at the annual  Christmas party, may not be to the liking of all members. Subsiding some or all of the meal may  be more agreeable to a majority of members.  

Phil proposed – 

. Expenditure of club monies on activities and events is to be decided by the Management  Committee on a case by case basis prior to the event 

. Members to be asked for their preference two months prior to the Christmas party (e.g. gifts vs  subsidising a meal or other options) 

Seconded by Dave Lutton 


  1. General Membership Meeting February 2021

Steve advised notice of the meeting has been sent to members. The booking with the RSL has  been confirmed. The RSL need to sell at least 20 meals for it to be viable for the caterer. 

10.Review of Club Policies and Creation of Club Policy Document 

Phil Stuckey tabled a list of policies extracted from the minutes of club Committee and  membership meetings over a number of years. The Committee was requested to review the list  and submit amendments or additional policies to him so the collated list can become a formal  document. Phil will prepare the document and put it to the Management Committee for  consideration.  

Phil noted the club needs a policy regarding sharing member details. The club Constitution allows  any member to inspect the membership register. However, whilst it is appropriate to disclose  names, email addresses and phone numbers across the membership, home addresses and  vehicle details should remain confidential. Further no disclosure of personal information should  occur to a non-member unless there is a legal reason to do so.  

11.Proposed Venue Change – German Austrian Club 

A proposal was received from Lee Bottington inviting the AWMEC to consider moving their  meeting venue from the Wodonga RSL rooms to the German Austrian Club. Lee was previously  the caterer for the Wodonga RSL and now provides this service to the German Austrian Club.  

The pros and cons of moving to a new venue were discussed. Phil moved – 

. The Management Committee wait until the Wodonga RSL has run their AGM and re-assess the  offer at that point in time. 

. Steve Short to contact Lee Bottington, thank him for the offer, and advise the Management  Committee has deferred making a decision to a later point in time. 

Seconded Steve Short 


12.Treasurer’s Report 

Dave Lutton reported at 18 February 2021 the club account balance was $19,242.11.

13.Membership Officer’s Report 

Glenn Kimpton reported the club has 207 members. Thirty three of these are unfinancial. Peter  Cardemone has been made a phantom member to allow him access to work on the website and  database.  

Glenn also stated two new members joined after the conclusion of the January membership  meeting and as such did not have an opportunity to introduce themselves. They will be asked to  do so if they attend the February membership meeting.  

14.General Business 

. Steve Short advised Paul Hare has suggested the club make an annual donation to the RSL for  the use of their rooms. Phil noted that the RSL is able to make reasonable profit from bar sales  when the club holds its meetings. The AWMEC has made a one off donation to the RSL in the  past in respect of a specific maintenance item. The AWMEC Management Committee can  continue to communicate with the RSL on this matter should the need arise. 

. Steve Short stated he is unlikely to stand for President at the next AGM. 

. Stuart McLean has proposed a ride to Darwin beginning 12 July 2021. The itinerary was tabled.  Stuart has requested this be accepted as a club event, 

Phil moved the ride be accepted as a club event. 

Seconded by Malcolm Anderson 


15.Meeting Close and Next Meeting 

Steve Short closed the meeting at 8.04PM. Next meeting date to be advised.