BMW bosses on the challenge of electric

‘The future is wide open’: BMW bosses on the challenge of electric and why it’s not all over for combustion

As the world strives towards green transport, predicting the future propulsion of motorcycles is becoming an increasingly difficult challenge – and that’s true for huge brands like BMW, too.

Whilst some have stuck all their eggs firmly in the electric basket, others are choosing an entirely different path with Honda, Suzuki, Kawasaki, and Yamaha announcing a research partnership into the viability of hydrogen.

To find out where BMW fit into the picture, MCN sat down with the head of their motorcycle division, Dr Markus Schramm, alongside design chief, Edgar Heinrich. “The BMW Group position – and especially on motorcycles – is that we want technology-open solutions,” said Dr Schramm.

“We are certainly planning for electric mobility. We have started, but we are also developing the ICE [internal combustion engine] story further. I think we will see serious e-motorbikes first before [synthetic] e-fuels,” he added.

“I’m convinced – and we are planning this – that in the near future we will launch the first proper [electric] bike. We start now in urban areas, so this year we will see another model for the urban area.”

Going on to confirm that this first “proper bike” would be a roadster design, Dr Schramm also believes synthetic fuels will play a key role. “E-fuels is a very important part of this, and I am personally very much convinced that political discussion will change during the next 10 years.


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