2022-07-16 What is the VSI 6

What is the VSI 6?


NSW Vehicle Standards Information

Light vehicle modifications A guide to modifications requiring certification under the Vehicle Safety and Compliance Certification Scheme


This Vehicle Standards Information (VSI) No. 6 is intended to help vehicle owners and modifiers determine what modifications to vehicles up to and including 4.5 tonnes gross vehicle mass require certification.


Vehicle owners sometimes modify their vehicle to give it a distinctive appearance, improve its performance, add features, change the engine, change the suspension, add a long-range fuel tank, or for a combination of reasons. Others modify their vehicles so that they are better suited to a specialised purpose. Vehicle owners who intend to modify their vehicles need to follow the standards and guidelines that apply to the modification of vehicles for use on roads and/or road-related areas. This will ensure that each completed vehicle is safe for use and that the level of safety afforded by a vehicle to its passengers and other road users is not compromised by any modification/s.

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