2022-07-18 Seven things that only Motorcyclists know

Seven things that only Motorcyclists know.

Do you know them? Here is a short YouTube video to explain some of these.

Things like;-

  • Hand signals – Biker Wave – left hand two fingers extended down.
  • Tapping the top of Helmet – Cops up ahead, slow down.
  • Pointing down or Foot pointing – there is something on the road.
  • Riding with the blinker on – just forgot to turn it off. Just pull up alone side and open and close a fisted hand to a high five to indicate their blinker is on.
  • Why is it that motorbikes take off soo quick at traffic lights? – Its to do with the Horse Power to weight ratio compared to other vehicles like a car.

And more like Leaning Off, Slowing Down without brakes, Standing up on a Motorcycle and others…

Check it out here….